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500VA - 1550VA

✓ Multiple Form Factors

✓ Extended Runtime Capability 

✓ Network Manageability 

Eaton 5SC (500VA-1500VA)

The Eaton 5SC is designed to protect workstations, small servers, hubs, routers, PCs, and other electronic equipment from power disturbances. Ideally suited for small to medium-sized businesses, the 5SC UPS features both USB and serial ports to facilitate software communication. To prolong battery service life, the 5SC incorporates ABM® Technology, which increases battery service life, optimises recharge time for quick recovery after power outages, and provides advanced warning of the end of useful battery life. In addition, incoming voltage fluctuations are corrected so they do not affect the performance of connected equipment. Unlike other competitive UPSs in its class, which use a simulated sine wave, the Eaton 5SC provides pure sine wave output during battery operation. As a result, the connected load continues to receive a quality electrical waveform and operates smoothly even during power outages. 

To preserve data integrity, the 5SC is bundled with Intelligent Power® Protector, which contains exclusive power management software featuring extensive power monitoring and control capabilities. Backed by superior performance, the 5SC UPS keeps your equipment up and running without interruption. Extends battery service life and provides advanced warning of the end of useful battery life with ABM® Technology. Delivers smooth, continuous power with pure sine wave output. Regulates power fluctuations with Buck and Boost voltage regulation. Hot swappable batteries, LCD provides at-a-glance indication of status and important parameters. Minimises downtime with hot-swappable batteries, communicates with Intelligent Power Protector software via serial and USB ports.


• Reduce wasted energy consumption from standby power drain of connected peripheral equipment with ECO Control function (850-1600VA models)
• Extends battery service life and provides advanced warning of the end of useful battery life with ABM® Technology
• Delivers smooth, continuous power with pure sine wave output
• Regulates power fluctuations with Buck and Boost voltage regulation
• Compact, slimline Rack / Tower form factor
• Hot swappable batteries
• LCD provides at-a-glance indication of status and important parameters
• Minimises downtime with hot-swappable batteries
• Communicates with Intelligent Power® Protector software via serial and USB ports
• Provides investment protection with a two-year limited warranty 


5SC500iEaton 5SC 500VA/350W Line Interactive Mini Tower UPS
500VA/350W210 x 150 x 240 (mm)
5SC750iEaton 5SC 750VA/525W Line Interactive Mini Tower UPS750VA/525W210 x 150 x 340 (mm)$510.00
Eaton 5SC 1000VA/700W Line Interactive Mini Tower UPS1000VA/700W210 x 150 x 340 (mm)$670.00
5SC1500iEaton 5SC 1500VA/1050W Line Interactive Mini Tower UPS1500VA/1050W210 x 150 x 410 (mm)$875.00
5SC1500IREaton 5SC 1500VA / 1050W 2RU Short depth Rack UPS1500VA/1050W86.2 x 440 x 405 (mm) $910.00

Eaton 5P (650VA-1550VA)

The Eaton 5P UPS is an enterprise-class integrated backup power solution with the flexibility to support network closets, server rooms, distributed IT and edge computing environments. The 5P is available as a tower UPS, wall mount UPS, and rackmount UPS to ensure a perfect fit for a variety of applications. Several models are available as a compact UPS – which are 2U in height with shorter depths than a traditional UPS – making them perfect for 4-post or 2-post rail mounting and wall mounting. The 5P UPS even offers flexibility in battery types with two models offering lithium-ion batteries. Compared to traditional VRLA batteries, lithium-ion batteries offer a longer lifespan and smaller footprint, making them the perfect option for distributed IT and edge computing applications. Pairing a 5P UPS with an Eaton Gigabit Network card – the first in the industry to comply with UL 2900-2-2 cybersecurity standard – and Eaton’s Intelligent Power Management (IPM) platform allows for seamless management of your connected equipment, even in virtualized environments, which makes this UPS a complete backup power solution. 



• The graphical LCD display provides clear information on the UPS's status and measurements on a single screen (in seven languages). Enhanced configuration capabilities are also available with easy-to-use navigation keys.
• Meters energy consumption and provides kWh values through the LCD and Intelligent Power® Software
• Load segment control enables prioritised shutdowns of nonessential equipment to maximise battery runtime for critical devices. Load segment control can also be used to remotely reboot locked-up network equipment or to manage scheduled shutdowns and sequential start-ups.
• The 5P offers Serial and USB connectivity, plus an extra slot for an optional communication card (including SNMP/Web card or relay contact card). Eaton's Intelligent Power@ Software Suite compatible with all major OS including virtualization software such as VMware and Hyper-Vis included with each UPS. 

Availability and Flexibility 

• 5P is available as a tower or rack form factor to cater for varied deployment applications.
• Stronger, longer battery life: Eaton ABM® battery management technology uses an innovative three stage charging technique that only recharges the battery when necessary, so the battery experiences less corrosion and service life is prolonged by up to 50%.
• Batteries can be hotswapped without ever having to shut down connected equipment. With an optional, hot-swap maintenance bypass module, you can
even replace the entire UPS.

Pure Sinewave Output

• When operating in battery mode the 5P provides a high quality output signal for any sensitive equipment connected, such as active PFC (power factor corrected) servers

Performance and Efficiency 

• With an optimised electrical design, the 5P can provide up to 98%efficiency, contributing to lower cooling and utility costs.


5P650AUEaton 5P 650VA / 420W Line Interactive Tower UPS
650VA / 420W230 x 150 x 345 (mm) 
5P850AUEaton 5P 850VA / 600W Line Interactive Tower UPS850VA / 600W230 x 150 x 345 (mm) $635.00
Eaton 5P 1150VA / 770W Line Interactive Tower UPS1150VA / 770W230 x 150 x 345 (mm) $835.00
5P1550AUEaton 5P 1550VA / 1100W Line Interactive Tower UPS1550VA / 1100W 230 x 150 x 445 (mm) $1,122.00
5P650iREaton 5P 650VA / 420W 1U Rackmount UPS with LCD Line Interactive Sinewave LCD UPS650VA / 420W438 x 364 x 44 (mm)$574.00
5P850iREaton 5P 850VA / 600W 1U Rackmount UPS with LCD Line Interactive Sinewave LCD UPS850VA / 600W438 x 509 x 44 (mm)$748.00
5P1150iREaton 5P 1150VA / 770W 1U Rackmount UPS with LCD Line Interactive Sinewave LCD UPS1150VA / 770W438 x 509 x 44 (mm)$965.00
5P1550iREaton 5P 1550VA / 1100W 1U Rackmount UPS with LCD1550VA / 1100W438 x 554 x 44 (mm)$1,156.00
5PRACKKIT1UEaton Rackmount Rail Kit for 5P650iR Series UPS450-1000 (mm) Adjustment$73.00


For UPS systems there is design and engineering that will need to be done so it is best to book a site inspection or enquire directly with our team by filling out the form, emailing SALES@UPSS.COM.AU or calling 1300 555 992.