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Vision Batteries

Vision Battery Australia

When preparing to buy a Vision battery in Australia, it's important to know how Vision Group UPS batteries work with your power supply needs and why they're such a critical part of risk mitigation for your home office. You can buy Vision batteries online directly from UPS Solutions. Founded in 2002 and headquartered just outside of Sydney, UPS Solutions provides products and support to home consumers and business projects across a wide range of industries in Australia.

🔋 Why Do I Need a UPS Battery?

UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply. These systems are designed to help you avoid damage to sensitive electronic equipment that can be caused by unexpected power spikes, surges or outages. Such issues can degrade your equipment's performance, shorten its lifespan or cause it to fail outright, potentially resulting in permanent data loss.

Unlike larger and more expensive backup generators, UPS batteries are intended as short-term power sources that give you enough time to perform a proper shutdown of your connected devices.

🔋 What Kind of Vision Battery in Australia Should I Buy?

First off, determine the load — the total wattage — you need to power your electronic devices. Simply identify the individual wattage requirements for each device you want to plug into the UPS, then add them all up.

As a basic example, suppose your home office includes a workstation that needs 120W to run correctly, an LCD monitor that needs 50 and a modem that needs 30. For this situation, you want a Vision Group UPS battery that has at least three outlets and is rated for at least 200W. Larger offices with more robust infrastructure require higher wattage and more outlets.

🔋 What Is Runtime and Why Is It Important?

A UPS battery's runtime is the number of minutes the UPS can power its attached devices during an outage of primary power. The minimum runtime is the amount of time it takes to properly shut down those devices. If the UPS battery's runtime is shorter than that, it won't be able to protect all of the connected devices from the potentially detrimental effects of a hard shutdown.

🔋 How Long Does a UPS Battery Last?

Long-term battery life varies across models. Smaller and standard models might only be rated for three to five years of standby use, while larger, more long-life models are rated for over a decade of standby.

Keep in mind that usage decreases long-term life, and a battery kept in hot or humid environments is likely to degrade more quickly than a battery stored in a cool, dry location. Test your UPS battery on a regular basis to confirm it's working correctly, and stay on the safe side by replacing it with a new model at least a year before it hits the maximum lifespan.