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Trade-In ANY Existing UPS System and Receive Cash Back when you purchase a new XRT6 UPS System from UPS Solutions



A UPS provides essential protection – but not forever. After five years of normal use, your UPS actually increases the risk of downtime and damage to computers or servers. The Trade-In is your chance to secure an exclusive discount from UPS Solutions new generation of advanced single-phase UPS products. 

By trading in ANY existing UPS brand as they approach life-cycle end, exit their warranty period, or are outgrown by your data and power requirements. UPS Solutions will arrange and pay for your old UPS unit/s, up to 100Kg, to be picked up and returned to UPS Solutions for recycling and ecologically-responsible disposal. For additional information on our Trade-In program please call or email us at or complete our Trade-in form here.

If you have an old APC, Emerson, Eaton, Dell UPS etc., trade it in and receive cash back plus we’ll pick up your old UPS for Free!

The Trade-In program also includes free collection of your old UPS system once you have completed the Trade-In form and after the new UPS has been delivered. The free collection is applicable for UPS systems up to 100Kg maximum.

Please see below the discounted rates, rates are based on the online purchase price as advertised on our website.

If making a purchase online, please complete the online Trade-In form and we will arrange a free pickup of the old UPS and refund you the amount based on the product that you have purchased. Please note, the Trade-In program cannot be used in addition to other discounts that have already been applied or offered by our sales consultants.

If anything is unclear please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 1300 555 992. 

XRT6-1500LUPS Solutions XRT6 Online UPS 1.5KVA w/ Long Life Battery 230V R/T
1500VA/1350W440mm x 90mm x 442 mm (2U)
XRT6-3000LUPS Solutions XRT6 Online UPS 3KVA w/ Long Life Battery 230V R/T3000VA/2700W440mm x 90mm x 610 mm (2U)$3,780.00
XRT6-6000LUPS Solutions XRT6 Online UPS 6KVA w/ Long Life Battery 230V R/T6000VA/5400W440mm x 135mm x 490mm (3U)$6,470.00$343.00
XRT6-10000LUPS Solutions XRT6 Online UPS 10KVA w/ Long Life Battery 230V R/T10000VA/9000W440mm x 135mm x 490mm (3U)$8,020.00$399.00


 By participating in the Trade-In program, the customer accepts the following terms and conditions:

1. Old UPS units of any age or brand are accepted in the Trade-In program.

2. Maximum trade-in size per unit is 10kVA-rated. The old unit must be a standard UPS unit (i.e., chassis with electronics and a battery cell enclosed inside the UPS).

3. New XRT6 units to be purchased may be any models in the XRT6 Series.

4. Trade-In program is valid for new XRT6 units purchased on or after July 1st 2020. The Trade-In Online Form must be submitted to UPS Solutions within 3 months of purchasing your new XRT6 unit.

5. Must not be used in conjunction with any other discounts already applied in the sales process.

6. There is no limit to the number of Trade-In transactions a customer can perform.

7. To receive the Trade-In Rebate, the customer should provide UPS Solutions with the following:

     • Trade-In Request Form (with all fields properly completed).
     • Copy of Original Sales Invoice for the new UPS purchase.
     • The Old UPS (to be picked up by UPS Solutions’ preferred shipping agent).

8. Old UPS units must be returned to UPS Solutions within 30 days from date of the consignment note to qualify for the Trade-In program.

9. Customer should have the old UPS fully packaged and ready for pick-up when UPS Solutions’ shipping agent arrives at the scheduled pick-up time (at the end-users convenience).

10. Free collection applies when the old UPS is located within a 100km radius of an Australian metropolitan city.

11. The UPS Solutions’ chosen courier will only accept UPS's that are pre-boxed in what they deem as safe and manageable. Failure to do so may result in additional charges or cancellation of rebate.

12. 100kg is the maximum weight allowed per UPS Solutions’ Consignment Note. Any items outside this limit will be charged back to the customer.

13. UPS Solutions recommends that you disconnect the batteries of your old UPS before packaging and shipping to UPS Solutions’ warehouse locations.

14. UPS Solutions will pay the Trade-In Rebate to the customer within 30 days from the date of receiving the old UPS at an Authorised UPS Solutions’ warehouse, provided all conditions are met. Payment will be made to the nominated bank account as per the Trade-In Request Form.

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For UPS systems there is design and engineering that will need to be done so it is best to book a site inspection or enquire directly with our team by filling out the form, emailing or calling 1300 555 992.  

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