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440-1000 KVA

✓ Ultra high efficiency

✓ Smart Energy management

✓ Multi grid support functions (Peak shaving, frequency and voltage stabilization. Etc)

✓ Modular, Flexible & Scalable 

✓ Compatible with different battery technologies

Energy Storage for a Sustainable World  

Fundamentally, countries worldwide are actively making steps towards creating more energy efficient and yet cleaner cities. As the energy industry moves away from carbon-heavy production, renewable energy and storage is being critical for delivering on the demand while securing the future of world energy and playing a prominent role in a grid that is migrating to a higher penetration of renewable energy, smarter grids, and flexible grids. However, high penetration creates power transmission instability challenges, thus Grid Operators require stringent dynamic and static grid support features for Power Conversion Systems .


DRM is a fully integrated turnkey prefabricated data centre solution that is ready for connection to medium- or high-voltage grids and cover a power range of hundreds of megawatts.

With over 40 years experience in power electronic, UPSS has developed our DRM Modular Data Centre for on grid and off grid application with typical loads between 440 kW and 1 MW.

The DRM system is fully compliant with grid systems to import and export power inline with the voltage and frequency regulations, FFR and DFFR schemes required by utilities to support the grid.
The DRM can be used to support the stabilisation of the grid to manage the consumption and the production of renewable energy.

For the challenge of energy stability, UPS Solutions have solutions from kW to MW  

For a stable transmission and distribution, the power grid operators need a real-time match between electricity supply and consumption.

Challenges that a container data centre can address:
• Output variability
• The temporal (time-related) mismatch between generation and demand
• Uncertainty regarding weather forecasts
• Undesirable electrical effects on the electrical grid caused by some RE generation

UPSS  DRM solution offers proven hardware to meet storage and grid support challenges.


Beyond enabling the Increased use of renewable electricity generation, energy storage technologies have several benefits:


The DRM can perform following grid support functions: 
• Peak Shaving
• Ramp Rate Control
• Frequency and Voltage Regulation
• Load Levelling controlled by a Power Plant Controller or SCADA

Containerised Design, Complete Solution from A Single Source  

The fully integrated DRM system comprises Power Converter/Freq. Converter etc., Genset, Main AC In/Out Electrical Panel , Internal AC Distribution Electrical Panel, Battery Breaker Panel, AC Aircon, Battery, Environment Control system, Fire detection and protection, Digital Power and Switchgear Controls.

Fully bunded ISO Container is designed with personnel and maintenance access doors and has air conditioned separate converter and battery compartments.

DRM Vs Battery Storage

AvailabilityConstant availability to charge and recharge batteries during request from grid. With battery storage you can discharge but when depleted there is no  more power available. No problem with the DRM unit. The system can  recharge while the unit is also discharging due to the technology employed.
Space RequiredSpace on site is significantly reduced. We estimate at least 5-7 times the floor volume is required for battery storage requirements.
Battery Quantity
Cost of batteries - 30 Mins as opposed to typical 3-4 hours of discharge required. Therefore there are less batteries on site.
Carbon Footprint
Carbon footprint is significantly reduced on DRM modules.
Back-Up PowerDRM is not Limited to how much power and energy is available. With GRM system, power can be supplied as long as there is source of fuel. Additional fuel storage on site can enable weeks or months of runtime if required.
Cost of Battery Technology
DRM uses batteries which are easy to recycle using known SLA based technology. There is no cost of recycling. You actually get paid for the used batteries under current UK recycling schemes.
LifetimeA DRM unit has a typical life span of 15-25 years. Battery storage has a limited life span depending on replacement cells.
Installation Time & Cost
Installation time and price is significantly reduced in the modular DRM format.
Running Cost
Running costs are significantly lower compared to battery storage considering the constant charge required on Battery storage and potential air conditioning costs.
Import & Export CapabilityDRM is constantly charging and recharging using import and export connections. It is not limited to how much energy is able to be imported or exported.
Maintenance costs are significantly reduced on the DRM system due to remote monitoring and reduced strings of batteries. Battery Impedance Testing is significantly reduced. Time on site is reduced. Problem solving time is reduced.
CustomisationEach DRM can be militarised and super silent.
FlexibilityDRM has its own enclosed portable cabinet compared to typical battery storage solutions. This flexibility is unique. Can be used with Datacentres, Hospitals, and in sites where space is at a premium.
MobilityDRM can be used as an immediate portable power station to any site. If site conditions change of planning on a site changes. No problem. The DRM can move as and when required.

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