UPS Solutions XRT6 Online UPS 1.5KVA with 10 Year Design Life Batteries as Standard - 230V Rack/Tower 2U w/ long Life Battery - XRT6-1500L

3 Year Warranty on the UPS and Batteries Included.

The XRT6 is a true on-line double conversion UPS delivering continuous, high-quality 230V AC power without interruption when transferring to battery. The UPS will protect against 10 out of 10 main power issues including all power disturbances due to blackouts, brownouts, sags, surges and noise interference. The XRT6 is the only UPS available in Australia with 10-year design life batteries.

Input: 10Amp Cable
Output: (6) IEC 320 C13
UPS Rating: 1500VA/1350W
Batteries: Lead Acid - 10 Year Design Life
Communication Management: SNMP Card Optional, USB
Runtime: Approx. 16 Mins @ 50% Load (Additional external battery modules increase runtime by approx. 15-20 mins per EBM) 
UPS Technology: Double-conversion Online
UPS Runtime: Extended Runtime (View Runtime Chart)
UPS KVA Rating: 0kVA - 1.5kVA
UPS Topology: Double-conversion Online
Form Factor: Rack / Tower (rackmount rail kits included)
Wiring Type: Single Phase
Wiring Input: 10amp
Dimensions: (WxHxD) 440mm x 90mm x 442 mm (2U)
Warranty: 3 Year Warranty
Part Number: XRT6-1500L


 Long Life Batteries - 10 Year Design Life
 Reduced Cost - The XRT6 series reduces the need for replacement batteries, saving on replacement costs and reducing the environmental impact by using fewer batteries over the lifetime of the UPS system.
 Fire Retardant - Up to 2 hours fireproof


 x2 10A IEC Cables
 x1 10A Power Cables

 Tower Stands
✓ Rackmount Rails
 Hardware, Software and Manuals
 Cables and Ties


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