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Our experience with effective cooling distribution spans over a decade, we have been at the forefront of the server room cooling revolution successfully implementing and paving the way for many Australian Businesses.

Mainframes and racks of servers can get as hot as a seven-foot tower of powered toaster ovens, so climate control is an important part of the data centre’s infrastructure.



Thermal management solutions that efficiently lower your operating costs and pack a lot of capacity into a small footprint. More than ever, environmental and economic issues are pushing business continuity professionals to lobby for energy efficient, environmentally friendly solutions in their data centers. UPS Solutions and the Liebert XD has the answer on both fronts.

Thermal management solutions that efficiently lower your operating costs and pack a lot of capacity into a small footprint.

  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Total energy savings potential of up to 70%
  • More cost-effective than increasing room cooling capacity using only floor-mounted cooling units
  • Minimal floor space requirements
  • Floor-mount, rack-mount, and ceiling-mount modules, plus a choice of cooling capacities
  • Plug and play installation for future growth
  • Flexible solutions from 7kW to 250kW
  • Efficiently draws hot air out of equipment racks and moves cool air into the cold aisle
  • 24/7 service offering 



Liebert CRV from 10 to 60kW cooling. Vertiv (formerly Emerson) designs, builds and services mission critical technologies that enable the vital applications for data centers, communication networks, and commercial and industrial environments. The Liebert CRV, row-based cooling unit is optimized to ensure maximum cooling capacity in a minimal footprint. Targeted for small and medium data centers, the unit provides cooling at the server rack level.

The Liebert CRV has been designed to deliver the highest efficiency and availability, by removing heated air from the data center hot aisles, using it to return cooled air to the servers (cold aisle). The Liebert CRV is available in Direct Expansion, as well as Chilled Water versions and in two frame widths 600 mm and a compact 300 mm.

  • Scalable, units ranging from 10 to 60kW with chilled water and direct expansion versions
  • Industry's highest energy saving levels achieved - increase of up to 50% when the Liebert CRV is combined with Vertiv™ SmartAisle™ cold aisle containment
  • Best-in-class Thermal Management unit for row-based applications
  • Adjustment capability of air diffuser distribution direction maximizes cooling results
  • Integrated Vertiv ICOM control for management of capacity and airflow through EC Fans and variable capacity Scroll Compressor
  • Adjustable modular baffle system
  • Top and bottom connections
  • Filters with up to F5 filtration class and clog filter switch
  • SNMP Ready - Monitoring card for WEB, Modbus and BACnet



Considering today's competitive market, no data center operator can ignore the issue of costs. Anyone who only thinks about the upfront costs or who wants to cut costs at the expense of reliability will be left dealing with unpleasant surprises later on.

The Liebert DCL is the Thermal Management unit for lateral attachment to server cabinets offering a wide range of features designed specifically for data centre applications. The unit is available in two different architectures, closed or hybrid loop, and in multiple combinations of up to four server racks to match any customer needs. UPS Solutions experience with IT room designing, ensures lower running costs with maximum availability. 

  • Two cooling architectures for medium to high heat-load density
  • Easy to retrofit on site
  • Multiple combinations of up to four server racks.
  • N +1 fan redundancy
  • Multi-level “fail-safe” controller
  • Comprehensive alarm and monitoring functions
  • Automatic emergency door opening.
  • Minimal power consumption through EC fans & dynamic fan control
  • Long free-cooling times thanks to a generously dimensioned heat exchanger
  • Fully contained airflow inside the cabinet or the cabinet row
  • No heat load, no airflow in the room, significant noise attenuation
  • Complete separation of IT equipment from room, accurately controlled cooling air temperature
  • No special requirements for the room - raised floor is not required.

At UPS Solutions, we’re Australia’s leading supplier of server room cooling systems, with products available for small network closets through to large data centres. We stock solutions from the world’s leading industry figures, including Liebert and Vertiv. And, we make them available at the nation’s best value prices.

Thanks to our affordability, reliability and expertise, we’ve served hundreds of thousands of clients throughout Australia, from Perth to Sydney and Melbourne to Darwin. If you’re looking for data centre cooling solutions that could reduce your energy usage by up to 50% while adding years to the lifespan of your IT equipment, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Do I Need New Server Room Cooling Systems?

All data centres are filled with IT equipment and hardware that kick up a lot of heat. If you allow your equipment to generate too much heat, they may sustain damage as a result. If your servers fail, you might end letting a lot of your clients down in the process, not to mention being stuck with a potentially sky-high repair bill.

Fortunately, data centre cooling solutions aren’t just a necessity. They’re a worthwhile investment because they can help you reduce your energy requirements and carbon footprint as well as extend the lifespan of your IT equipment. The most advanced server room cooling systems, which include the Vertiv InRow cooling solutions, can survive well over 15 years, provided you keep them in top condition. Some solutions can reduce your energy usage by up to 70%. And, besides the cost and environmental benefits, cooling systems help you maintain a safe working environment by minimising the risk of fires and electric shocks.

What Types of Data Centre Cooling Solutions Are Available?

With so many data centre cooling solutions to choose from, narrowing down your options can be challenging. In general, the solution you should purchase depends on your energy requirements, environmental initiatives, budget and intended use (are you cooling the servers in a small network closet or an enterprise data centre?).

Many CRAC cooling systems work in a similar way to traditional HVAC solutions. Essentially, air is passed through a coil filled with a refrigerant, which itself is kept cool by a compressor, before being directed towards your servers. Most CRAC solutions are either InRow or split systems.

Our Vertiv InRow cooling solution, for example, increases energy efficiency gains by moving the cold air from your conditioning unit to your hardware and servers rather than the room’s perimeter. As a result, you could reduce your energy usage by over 50%. Split systems are similar to InRow solutions in that they direct cold air into your server room, but they also remove heat simultaneously.

How Do I Select the Right Server Room Cooling Systems?

Deciding which CRAC cooling solution to purchase largely comes down to the size of your data centre and how much heat your equipment generates. You don’t want to buy a cooling solution that needs to work in overdrive to do its job. You might assume opting for a small solution can help you save on the initial purchase cost, but inadequately sized cooling solutions can run into problems quickly. Similarly, choosing an oversized data centre cooling solution for a small server room can lead to unnecessarily high running costs. If you need help determining which system you require depending on the size of your data centre or server room, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

You also need to consider your data centre density requirements when browsing server room cooling systems. Split systems may be suitable in data centres with smaller densities, but their performance can be poor compared to row-based and rack-based systems in data centres with higher densities.

How Often Should I Replace My Data Centre Cooling Solutions?

Provided you professionally maintain your CRAC cooling solution, you can expect it to remain functional for around 15 years without losing any of its efficiency. We recommend having your cooling solution inspected by a trained professional at least every year. Catching small problems early reduces your long-term repair costs and prevents you from spending more than necessary on energy.

Just because server room cooling systems can survive for over 15 years doesn’t mean you shouldn’t replace them sooner. The technology behind cooling systems evolves in leaps and bounds. If you haven’t upgraded your cooling solution for over five years, you might want to browse our latest models that are much more energy-efficient. With the energy savings alone, a new CRAC cooling system could virtually pay for itself within a few years.

Why Choose UPS Solutions for My CRAC Cooling System?

At UPS Solutions, we’re an Australian-owned business with nearly two decades of experience. Thanks to our excellent reputation, we’ve served well over 100,000 clients. Read about our recent projects to find out why we come so highly recommended.

If you still have any queries unresolved, check out our FAQ section. We regularly provide answers to our most frequently asked questions in our blog. We serve industries ranging from transport to health. Find out why people choose UPS Solutions today or contact us for more information.


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