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 At UPS Solutions, we're committed to ensuring reliable power management for businesses of all sizes, across a myriad of industries. We pride ourselves in developing and implementing tailored, high-quality critical power solutions. 

Each project showcased here represents a unique journey of challenge, solution, and triumph, demonstrating how we've collaborated with our clients to understand their needs, subsequently delivering UPS solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations. 

We invite you to explore our body of work, gain insight into the breadth and depth of our solutions, and discover the positive real-world impact we've made. 


Powering Efficiency Across Two ALDI Distribution Centre's with Innovative UPS Solutions

UPS Solutions, as the national maintenance service provider for ALDI Stores Australia, led two strategic projects at Aldi's Derrimut and Regency Park distribution centre's. At Derrimut, the challenge was to replace an aged UPS system that had exceeded its economical lifespan without causing environmental impact or excess cost. To address this, a new Vertiv EXS range UPS and a set of batteries were installed, optimizing costs by reusing most of the existing electrical infrastructure. The result was a more reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly UPS system.

At Regency Park, the challenge was to ensure the reliability of the UPS system to avoid operational disruptions and potential revenue loss. UPS Solutions implemented a Preventative Maintenance Service, comprising thorough evaluations, inspections, system adjustments, and necessary component replacements. The proactive maintenance resulted in reduced downtime, greater energy efficiency, improved performance, prolonged UPS lifespan, increased IT productivity, and overall cost savings. Both projects highlight UPS Solutions' commitment to delivering environmentally responsible and economically effective power solutions.


Building Queensland's Largest Battery Energy Storage System with UPS Solutions

UPS Solutions successfully contributed to the design, supply, and installation of a state-of-the-art UPS system for Queensland's largest Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in Wandoan South. The $120 million project required a robust UPS system capable of consistently providing clean backup power.

Teaming up with Vertiv, UPS Solutions delivered a reliable and scalable solution suitable for this large-scale project. Installed by their local Queensland team, the UPS system is now fully operational, contributing to the BESS project's success by enhancing its efficiency and performance. The completion of this project reinforces UPS Solutions' commitment to delivering reliable power solutions, even for substantial projects, exceeding client expectations.


Successful XRT6 10000VA UPS System Installation for an Australian Government Department

In September 2022, UPS Solutions undertook a significant project, installing the XRT6 10000VA UPS systems for an Australian Government Department in Queensland. Faced with the need for a robust power backup solution for their servers, networking equipment, workstations, and other mission-critical applications, the department turned to UPS Solutions for a system that would ensure seamless operations even during power outages.

UPS Solutions responded with the XRT6 10000VA UPS system, a unit renowned for its long runtime and 10-year design life batteries, trusted by various sectors across Australia. Following the successful installation, the department now benefits from extended runtime, long-lasting batteries, and reduced costs associated with downtime and system repairs. The project's success showcases UPS Solutions' dedication to delivering reliable and cost-effective UPS systems, tailored to meet clients' specific needs.


Power Assurance for Charas Constructions with a Tailored UPS Installation

Charas Constructions, a company requiring a consistent power supply, approached UPS Solutions for a customised UPS system to maintain business continuity during power disruptions. The company needed a robust UPS system to support their operations, especially their car lift. UPS Solutions suggested the XRT-3PH-40kVA UPS system, equipped with 60x 12v55Ah batteries and a wall-mounted bypass.

The installation was executed seamlessly by expert technicians, allowing Charas Constructions to continue operations without disruption. The new UPS system provided a reliable power backup solution, enabling Charas to focus on core operations without concern for power failures. Illustrating UPS Solutions' dedication to delivering customised power solutions meeting clients' unique needs and ensuring uninterrupted business operations.


Enhancing Efficiency with a Strategic UPS Downgrade

ISA Technologies faced challenges with operational inefficiency and high costs, due to their usage of an oversized 120kVA UPS system. In a bid to optimize their power backup infrastructure, they collaborated with UPS Solutions. After conducting a comprehensive assessment of ISA's power requirements, UPS Solutions recommended a strategic downgrade to a 40kVA UPS system. This adjustment aimed to boost efficiency and minimize costs, and it involved the installation of a new bypass switch and modifications to the main distribution board.

The transition from the old UPS system to the new one was implemented seamlessly by UPS Solutions' expert technicians, ensuring no disruptions to ISA Technologies' operations. The outcome was a notable enhancement in power efficiency and a significant reduction in costs for ISA Technologies. They now operate with a UPS system tailored to their specific needs, leading to improved operational efficiency. This case highlights UPS Solutions' expertise in delivering customized, cost-effective power backup strategies that not only meet but exceed client expectations.


Enhancing Power Reliability and Durability at Kordia

Kordia, a prominent telecommunication and media company, recognized the essential role reliable power plays in its operations. As such, they sought the assistance of UPS Solutions, aiming to secure a resilient, high-capacity Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system. Kordia required a UPS system capable of maintaining continuous operations, even amidst power disruptions. UPS Solutions, in response to Kordia's unique needs, suggested the installation of a Liebert EXS 20kVA system. The system, equipped with two strings of 32x 12V50Ah batteries and a wall mount bypass, promised to offer Kordia the robust and reliable power backup solution it needed.

UPS Solutions' team executed the installation of the Liebert EXS 20kVA system with meticulous precision, ensuring optimal performance. This successful installation has equipped Kordia with a reliable power backup solution, enabling them to operate with a guarantee of continuous power supply. The endeavor underscores UPS Solutions' capacity to provide tailored power backup solutions, furthering operational continuity across industries.


Ensuring Operational Stability with Eaton's 160kVA 93PM Standalone UPS

This case study discusses how UPS Solutions met Marand's mission-critical manufacturing power requirements amidst regular power supply irregularities and limited installation space. To combat disruptions that threatened operational efficiency and product quality, UPS Solutions introduced Eaton's 160kVA 93PM standalone UPS model as a 'power conditioner'.

Unique for its reliance on high power IGBT rather than transformer-based power conditioners, this model offered lower harmonic distortion and a higher power rating within the confined space, outperforming other power conditioners in terms of footprint-to-power ratio. The seamless installation led to the regulation of the incoming voltage to a specified output, curbing harmonics, transients, and line noises. This significantly bolstered the protection against raw power for Marand's manufacturing process.

Marand expressed their satisfaction with the bespoke solution and customer service they received, underlining the success of the project. This case study epitomizes UPS Solutions' dedication to providing efficient, tailored solutions to clients, irrespective of unique challenges. It showcases their prowess in ensuring stability and continuity in operations with custom power solutions.


Efficient Power Management: UPS System Optimisation

In October 2022, UPS Solutions embarked on a project to streamline the UPS system for a prominent Perth-based company. The company's 120kVA UPS system, having surpassed its life expectancy, required extensive renovation.

The challenge was that their actual load was less than 15kVA, revealing an over-specified UPS system. UPS Solutions proposed a cost-effective solution: downgrading the UPS to a 40kVA unit while keeping the existing battery string. This move led to improved efficiency and reduced operational costs, ensuring optimal power backup for the client's needs.

Post-installation, the client received a full two-year warranty and complimentary preventative maintenance service. Their satisfaction with the swift and personalized solution reflects UPS Solutions' commitment to offering tailored, efficient solutions, prioritizing client satisfaction.


Efficient Power Management: Implementing a Scalable UPS Solution at Pfizer

UPS Solutions collaborated with Vertiv to implement an advanced Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system at the Pfizer Manufacturing Plant in Melbourne. This project showcased their dedication to providing future-proofed, cost-efficient solutions given the high stakes associated with any power interruptions to their manufacturing processes, a robust and reliable system was of utmost importance. Pfizer needed a scalable UPS solution that could handle their anticipated growth and ensure smooth manufacturing operations.

In response, UPS Solutions proposed the Vertiv APM 250kVA modular UPS system, backed by a high-capacity Li-Ion battery system. This setup, along with a 315A-rated bypass switch, supported Pfizer's expansion plans. The project was executed within Pfizer's timeline and budget, with a 12-month warranty provided for post-installation support. The success of this project reflects UPS Solutions' commitment to delivering competitively priced, future-proofed solutions tailored to clients' needs.


Optimising Power Efficiency: Sydney Uni's High-Capacity UPS Solutions Implementation

The University of Sydney needed a robust, high-capacity Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system that could fit within a designated space. The goal was to guarantee the continuous, uninterrupted power essential for ongoing innovation, research, and learning activities. Following a thorough evaluation of the unique needs of the university, UPS Solutions suggested and implemented an XRT-3P-20kVA system. This system, equipped with 60x 12v9Ah internal batteries and a wall mount Bypass, was tailored to match the university's stringent requirements of high capacity and reliability within the constraints of the available space.

The impact of this project was immediate and profound for Sydney University, providing them with a dependable power backup solution that enhanced their operational reliability. The successful installation of the XRT-3P-20kVA system at Sydney University showcased UPS Solutions' expertise in delivering tailored, reliable power backup solutions. 


Enhancing Power Backup: A Multi-Phase UPS Upgrade 

The case study showcases a large-scale project undertaken by UPS Solutions for Veolia Water Operations at the Luggage Point Advanced Water Treatment Plant in Queensland, Australia. In a two-phase operation spanning between 2022 and 2023, UPS Solutions was tasked with a major upgrade of the plant's power backup systems.

The first phase entailed replacing five aging 15kVA UPS systems without causing disruption to the plant's crucial operations. UPS Solutions successfully replaced all five UPS systems, thereby enhancing the power backup capabilities of the plant. In addition to this, UPS Solutions bolstered the robustness of power supply systems at other Veolia-managed plants by installing a new 30kVA UPS at the Gibson Island Water Treatment Plant and replacing four DC Rectifier systems at the Gold Coast Desalination Plant. In the second phase, UPS Solutions installed another set of five 15kVA UPS Systems. 

The successful execution of this multi-phase project not only emphasized UPS Solutions' commitment to delivering reliable and robust power solutions in critical sectors but also strengthened their partnership with Veolia Water Operations, a leader in sustainable water management.


Comprehensive Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade and Custom UPS Installation 

In December 2022, UPS Solutions launched a two-part project for Wipro Melbourne. The goal was to boost their electrical infrastructure and incorporate a new Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system with minimal disruption to operations.

The first stage involved the strategic installation of a bypass switch to facilitate the remaining upgrades and UPS installation during business hours, ensuring Wipro Melbourne's uninterrupted operations. This successful first day marked significant progress towards the UPS installation.

The second day presented a spatial challenge for the UPS installation. Utilizing custom-made equipment, UPS Solutions' Victorian team adeptly placed the UPS system within the tight confines, demonstrating their ability to tailor solutions for unique project constraints.

Throughout both stages, UPS Solutions highlighted their commitment to delivering seamless, customised solutions, prioritising operational continuity for clients, and enhancing their critical infrastructure. This endeavour further strengthened their reputation as a dependable partner in infrastructure upgrades and UPS installations.


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