✓ Power, Rack, Cooling in a box

✓ Fully integrated - factory assembled

✓ Fast Deployment IT Infrastructure 


Intelligent, Integrated Infrastructure Solution in an Enclosure

SmartCabinet™ is a new approach to providing a complete IT infrastructure solution that contains power, thermal management, enclosure, power distribution, monitoring and infrastructure management all in a simple packaged solution. It is a fully integrated, industry-leading plug-and-play solution with a ready to use IT rack space. It eliminates the need to build complex computer rooms which dramatically improves the speed of system deployment compared to the traditional approach. SmartCabinet™ is pre-configured, pre-installed, and factory tested to ensure system compatibility and is ready to use from day one.  


• Branch offices, retail stores, small & medium sized business offices, and telecommunication sites
• Branch locations for government, educational institutions, healthcare, finance, business process outsourcing firms
• Warehouse or mobile sites, where computer/networking room is unavailable
• Manufacturing sites for automation control 


• Fully integrated - factory assembled and tested for power, thermal management, rack enclosure, power distribution, monitoring and management, and security for IT applications. No dedicated IT room is required.
• Dust protection and noise insulation Fully closed operation, cold/hot air is circulated within the rack for better temperature and control, expanding lifespan of IT equipment, low noise level. Highly suitable for an office environment.
• Highly Efficient - Built-in high efficiency UPS and cooling equipment, that uses DC frequency conversion technology for energy savings.
• User-friendly interface - Large 7-inch LCD touch panel that allows for easy access to system status/alarms/ setting.
• Fast deployment – SmartCabinet™ provides faster deployment and is ready to use from day one, removing the need to build, construct and design computer rooms which dramatically reduces the required deployment period compared to a traditional IT facility build.
• Central Management – optional feature of RDU-M that provides central management of SmartCabinet at multiple sites. 


LED - Low power consumption LED lights that automatically light up when the door is opened.
Power Management Unit - Built-in Power Management Unit (PMU) to provide MCB to UPS, Cooling Unit and Bypass. It also provides surge protection to the SmartCabinet.
Camera & Alarm Beacon - Optional camera and alarm beacon for added security.
Power Distribution - Outlet switched Power Distribution (PDU) distributes power to IT equipment and turns on emergency fans during power outages.
Touch Panel LCD Display - User-friendly display provides easy access to information on power, thermal management, environments & security.
Airflow Management - Separate cold air and hot air channels to prevent hot exhaust air from circulation to the front of the cabinet.
Temperature / Door Access Sensors - Temperature sensors at the front cold aisle and at the rear hot aisle report critical environmental information and alarms users if exceeding configured thresholds. The door access sensors at front/rear report alarms on unauthorized access.
Central Management and Monitoring - Provides central management of SmartCabinet by monitoring power, thermal, environments, security, and providing user interface through a touch panel LCD display.
5kVA UPS & Batteries - Online Double Conversion UPS and battery cabinet ensures clean power feeding to critical equipment. It also provides backup power to emergency fans during a power outage.
3.5kW Cooling - Thermal Management & Emergency Fans. The cooling unit provides up to 3.5KW of cooling capacity directly to the IT equipment. Since the SmartCabinet is fully sealed, the cool air will only be used to cool down critical equipment at the highest efficiency. Two emergency fans run automatically during a power outage ensuring continuous cooling capacity.
Water Leak Detection - Water leak sensor provides additional protection for critical IT equipment. 

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