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UPS Batteries

UPS Batteries

At UPS Solutions, we offer you the best UPS battery backup to suit your budget and needs. Businesses need to ensure they have constant power supply so that they reduce downtimes and delays in offering their services to customers. Even when your business is located in an area that doesnโ€™t experience repeated outages, you need to keep safe by having UPS batteries. You may not know when your main power will go off, so you donโ€™t want to be caught unexpectedly. With our UPS battery backups, you ensure that you have a smooth power supply for your computers.

Not only that, organizations need to have UPS to prevent damage or loss of data that could disrupt business. In addition, modern homes that rely on high-end electronics for security, communication, work at home, and entertainment may risk the damage of the equipment and devices if the voltage of electricity keeps on fluctuating or when there are sudden power failures. We offer solutions to these problems by ensuring that you have UPS batteries to ensure a constant supply of power in your business or home.

Also known as Uninterruptible Power Supply, UPS comprises a device that allows your computers and other electronic devices to keep running for sometime after the main power source is lost. A UPS unit contains a battery that kicks in after it senses the loss of power from the main supply.

The number of hours your UPS battery will run after the power goes down depends on various things including the size of the unit and the amount of power you need. If you run an office having several computers in addition to a server room, you need to get a high capacity UPS battery. If you have one computer, you could choose a smaller USP unit. That being said, a UPS battery can last for an hour or more depending on its capacity, and the devices it is powering.

Although UPS systems come in different types, if they have replaceable batteries, you can access the batteries from the UPS's bottom. Newer UPS units have clips you can press down to remove the cover by sliding it. Older UPS units are fastened with screws and compartment cover hinges where you can access the battery.

When removing the battery, you need to be careful โ€“ make sure you connect the wires properly. Take note of how the battery is connected including the wires and its position before you can detach the wires. Since the wires are coded, you should ensure you attach them appropriately. For example, Red should go to Red and Black should go to Black. Donโ€™t cross the wires.

Looking for UPS battery suppliers? Contact UPS Solutions.

Yes, UPS batteries charge. Once you connect to your electricity supply via hardwiring or input plug, the UPS will charge its battery. The charging occurs regardless of the amount of load, if any, that is attached to it. So, even if you will have a charge on the battery when you purchase it from UPS Solutions, it may not be completely charged. So you want to allow the UPS unit to charge the batteries for say up to 12 hours or as advised.

Do you need UPS with a battery? Buy a computer UPS battery from UPS Solutions and keep your computers running when the power goes down!