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Why Do I Need An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)?

Why Do I Need An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)?

November 19, 2020

There’s no denying that technological advancements have made doing business more straightforward. However, as beneficial as IT may be, it certainly has its problems. What happens if you suddenly lose power while working with sensitive data? At best, the loss of power will be frustrating, but at worst, it could be disastrous. Fortunately, you can eliminate the risk of such a problem arising by investing in an uninterruptible power supply for computers from UPS Solutions

Data is growing and over the next decade the amount of information managed by data centres will grow by a factor of 50. The resulting aggregate electricity use for data centres continues to grow, leaving mission critical facilities in a state of vulnerability. In order to be in line with the current trends in data, there is an ever-increasing pressure to achieve near-perfect power availability and efficiency. Today’s UPS power technology offers many tools to help you stay up to date.

The cost of power outages can be significant for any business. To reduce the risk of data loss, downtime and increased costs, it is important to have a UPS power supply, generators and power management software solutions that can deliver backup power during outages.

A UPS continually regulates incoming voltage and provides battery backup in the event of a power failure. UPS uninterrupted power provides power for enough time to last the glitch of short power outages. But also protects in the event of longer outages by enabling the opportunity of a proper orderly shutdown of equipment. This means computers can continue running, there is no loss of data, no unexpected downtime and equipment is protected.

A UPS System commonly consists of a battery pack, a battery charger, an inverter system, a control system all contained within a casing. All the parts of the UPS System are critical to its correct operation and should be maintained for effective functioning.

The internal batteries of a UPS provides guaranteed continuous power while continually conditioning incoming power. Most UPS Systems commonly consist of a battery pack, a battery charger, an inverter system, a control system all contained within a casing. All the parts of the UPS System are critical to its correct operation and should be maintained for effective functioning.

In general, UPS power supply protects your business from costly downtime by protecting your critical equipment from problems that plague electrical supply. Ensuring business-critical applications are always on.


XRT6 3000KVA


A UPS performs three basic functions:

  1. Protects against common power issues and works to regulate your power supply, compensating and supplementing as needed in order to give your appliances the smoothest and most consistent flow of electricity possible.
  2. Prevents data loss and facilitates graceful system shutdown. With so much data at stake these days, data protection is crucial. Data stored on devices that are subject to a hard system shutdown may be lost and critical system files might be corrupted without a UPS.
  3. Provide availability and power backup in the event of an outage. Utilising a UPS system will enable you to carry on working, save your data and take the steps you need to before you lose power. 

There are various power issues that a UPS will correct depending on topology and functionality incorporated by the manufacturer. Without UPS power, critical equipment can easily be damaged from all, or some, of the 10 main power issues that affect mains power, otherwise known as, dirty power. In many cases, power issues can be undetectable and cause gradual damage to circuits and other components which is a major cause of premature equipment failure. Many power quality problems are missed and go unresolved.

The high-tech IT equipment and control units of today are more sensitive to electrical disturbances. They are also more important to the critical functions of many businesses than they were in the past. This results in power quality problems that are more frequent and much more costly than ever before. An uninterruptible power supply for server protects your business from common power issues including the ones that go unnoticed so risk of lost revenue and data loss is reduced.

Leaving IT assets unprotected is a risk no company can afford, here are just a few reasons why protection from power issues is so important:

  • Power outages can translate to substantial losses for the company affected, 33 percent of companies lose between $26,000-$595,000 AUD, 20 percent lose between $595,000-$2,600,000 AUD and 15 percent lose more than $2,600,000 AUD.
  • Utility power isn’t clean. Electrical power can vary widely enough to cause significant problems for IT equipment.
  • Utility power isn’t 100 percent reliable, with the number of power outages up 19 percent in Australia last year.
  • The problems and risks are intensifying as today’s storage systems, servers and network devices use components that can falter and fail under power conditions.
  • Generators aren’t enough as they take time to startup and provide no protection from power spikes and other electrical disturbances.
  • Surge Protection isn’t enough as it can only protect from power spikes, not with other problems such as power loss, under-voltage and brownout conditions.
  • Availability is everything these days. When IT systems are down, core business processes quickly come to a standstill.

Power Protection

Power problems are not just restricted to larger organisations. PC’s, servers and network are just as critical to your business as a data centre is to a larger enterprise. The cost of downtime is high with hardware, software, reputation and potential loss of goodwill. Recovery time for a business following an outage can also be significant and costly considering the inevitable delays that occur when rebooting locked-up equipment, restoring damaged files and re-running processes that were interrupted. A sound power protection strategy like an uninterruptible power supply for server provides cost-effective insurance.

As generators will not protect equipment against power problems, you will often need UPS uninterrupted power in order to guarantee that equipment stays running until the generator kicks in, which can often take several minutes. In addition to this protection UPS power also improves the quality of the power produced by generators.

UPS Solutions are now one of the longest established, and nationally recognised, Power Solutions providers in Australia. Our long term vision is to design and constantly improve the Australian economy with more efficient power quality.

Australia UPS Solutions

UPS Solutions offers a comprehensive range of services and products designed to serve the needs of a wide range of industries. Whether you’re a small business, medium sized company or large enterprise, it is essential to know the basics of UPS Systems in order to ensure your business-critical applications are always on.

Learn More about Uninterruptible Power Supply for Computers 

Invest in a UPS, and you can secure peace of mind that your work and data will remain safe and secure in the event of a power failure. At UPS Solutions, we’re one of Australia’s most trusted providers of uninterruptible power supply solutions for computers, serving businesses in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. If you need any advice or want to know about the industries we service, feel free to call us for a chat. Already convinced? Buy your UPS now.

Frequently Asked Questions

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a type of electrical device that stores power, which you can use to power your computer if you experience any issues with your normal power. Most UPS solutions for computers have internal batteries, perfect for individual devices. However, if you need a source of backup power for a network of computers, you might be better off with a system that uses a generator.

In the event of a power cut, your uninterruptible power supply for computers will take over the job of powering your equipment, giving you enough time to save your data and turn off your PC correctly. Find out exactly these innovative devices work by reading our FAQs.

A UPS is almost like an insurance policy for your computers, protecting you against power failures that could result in lost work and data. You may not experience power failures very often, but when they occur, the consequences can be detrimental to your business.

Because power outages and brown-outs are impossible to predict, investing in computer uninterruptible power supply is crucial for just about any business. In fact, many people purchase a UPS for their home system.

If you’d like to find out how UPS devices have helped many businesses just like yours, read about our recent projects.

So, now that we’ve answered questions such as “what is a UPS power supply?“ and what does an uninterruptible power supply do?”, you’re probably wondering which type of solution will best suit your unique requirements. The length of time your UPS will provide power to your computer largely depends on the storage capabilities of the device’s battery.

For home use, you might be fine with a relatively small UPS device that provides just 10 to 15 minutes of emergency power. However, if running a business, you’ll be better off with a device that can provide emergency power to your network of computers for much longer. It all depends on what kind of work you do and how long you’d realistically need the emergency power to last in the event of a power failure. If you want to find out more about uninterruptible power supply and the options available, don’t hesitate to call us.