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Vertiv Liebert EXS

10kVA - 80kVA

Online Double Conversion UPS

Single and three phase

10kVA to 80kVA

The Vertiv Liebert EXS is a transformer-free, monolithic UPS optimised for mission-critical applications. It achieves up to 96.2% double conversion efficiency, significantly reducing operational costs and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Designed for maximum power output with a unity power factor and high power density, the Liebert EXS maximises active power in a minimal footprint. Its innovative design offers robust power protection, making it ideal for essential IT setups and critical environments like healthcare, retail, and government facilities.

Vertiv Liebert EXS

The Vertiv Liebert EXS UPS sets a new standard in power efficiency, engineered for high-availability environments. With a double conversion efficiency of up to 96.2%, it reduces energy consumption and operational costs significantly. Its transformer-free design enhances performance, delivering a unity output power factor to meet the power needs of modern IT equipment.

In addition to its efficiency, the Liebert EXS features high power density, suitable for areas where space is at a premium. The compact design includes generous internal runtime capabilities, extendable with matching battery cabinets. This scalability makes the Liebert EXS ideal for data centres, medical facilities, and government buildings, ensuring uninterrupted power. The system also supports easy expansion as your power needs grow, accommodating future requirements without extensive space demands.

Vertiv Liebert EXS Key Features

High Efficiency and Environmental Impact

  • Double conversion efficiency up to 96.2%
  • Significant operational cost savings
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • High efficiency reduces energy consumption
  • Lower carbon footprint

Compact Design and Reliability

  • Monolithic transformer-free architecture
  • Minimal footprint with high power density
  • Optimised internal runtime for standalone solutions
  • Unity output power factor
  • Continuous power protection
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Versatile Applications

  • Ideal for IT installations
  • Suitable for mission-critical applications in transportation, emergency lighting, healthcare, retail, and government facilities
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