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3-Phase UPS Systems

3-Phase UPS Systems Australia

If you run a commercial building, industrial warehouse or datacentre, you need a power continuity plan in place to deal with any power outages that might occur. After all, if you can’t power your equipment, you may have to deal with angry clients, take responsibility for data loss and experience business downtime, which could seriously harm your bottom line. Fortunately, by installing a 3 phase UPS system in Australia, you don’t need to worry about problems with the mains or your electrics preventing your equipment from operating. You’ll have a constant supply of emergency power that’s ready to take over the job of your main electric lines the moment you experience an outage. At UPS Solutions, we have systems suitable for all industries.

🔋 What Is a 3 Phase UPS System?

A 3 phase power supply system is a power continuity solution designed to keep your equipment running in the event of a power outage or electrical issue within your premises. And, they’re not just useful for large businesses and data centres. They can also be installed in car parks, used to power emergency systems that rely on electricity, and even be integrated with automated door controls. With a 3 phase battery backup solution, you can eliminate the risk of business downtime while maximising safety and productivity in your workplace. Check out our recent projects to see how our systems work.

🔋 How Do I Choose the Right Three-Phase Power Supply Solution?

In most cases, you need to decide whether you need a 1 phase UPS system or a 3 phase supply alternative. In large properties with lots of essential electrical equipment, you’re better off investing in a three-phase UPS solution, which delivers more power and comes in a variety of configurations, usually ranging in size from 10kVa to 6MVA. Deciding which 3 phase uninterruptible power supply to purchase can be challenging without the required experience and training. Call us, and we’ll visit your site to determine your needs.

🔋 How Long Does a Three Phase UPS System Last?

How long a three-phase supply solution can provide power for depends on the solution you purchase. Some are designed to last just a few moments, enabling you to correctly shut down or reboot equipment in the event of a power outage. Other solutions can remain charged for several hours, which may be essential if your property’s evacuation strategy relies on the use of electricity. Call our 3 phase UPS providers to learn more about the different types of system available.

🔋 How Do I Replace My 3 Phase UPS System?

Unless you’re a certified electrician with the right qualifications to install or replace a UPS system, we recommend that you leave such tasks to a team of professional 3 phase UPS providers. For the better part of two decades, we’ve been at the forefront of our industry. If you want to buy 3 phase UPS systems online from a highly trusted supplier and installer, we’re the company to call. Find out what sets us apart from the competition. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us, read our blog or check out our FAQs.