The 5 Leading Causes of UPS Failure

The 5 Leading Causes of UPS Failure

by Isaac Prakash January 19, 2022

There are five major reasons why your UPS is not working properly, or you may be experiencing UPS failure. Battery failure, capacitor issues, fan breakdowns, ageing power supplies, or connection failure can all cause issues. So let’s take a closer look at these common UPS problems today and why they arise in the first place.

  1. Battery failure 

    If your uninterruptible power supply is not working, the first and most obvious cause could be a battery issue. In a study performed by the Ponemon Institute, battery failure was classified as the leading cause of data centre outages. 

    Here’s how to tell if your UPS battery needs replacing:

    • Low battery alarms
    • Inadequate voltage readings
    • Early discharge

    UPS Solutions offers a complimentary battery finder that locates the model of your choice within seconds. Of course, if you’re looking to perform some uninterrupted power supply troubleshooting, you may want to consider the industry services of a trained UPS professional.

  2. Capacitor issues

    UPS systems usually carry 12 capacitors to store and release energy. These parts will degrade over time, and may be the reason you are experiencing system breakdown.

    If you believe capacitor issues to be the cause of your UPS failure, or if it has been 5 to 7 years since your last inspection, consider investing in the solutions of a UPS professional.

  3. Fan breakdowns

    Fan shutoff or breakage is a major portion of modern UPS issues. If these components fail to cool the systems properly, your UPS may overheat, causing significant downtime in the future. Be sure all ball bearings are properly cared for, and regularly inspect your fans for blockage or breakdown.

  4. Ageing power supplies

    If your system is running hot on a regular basis, you may be able to attribute your UPS error to ageing power supplies. 

    However, ageing power supply issues are not as simple as other UPS troubleshooting concerns. You will likely need a 24/7 contact in order to get you up and running again as soon as possible. We offer customised solutions and services here at UPS that can allow you to stay running, no matter the circumstances. 

  5. Connection failure

    Contrary to popular belief, connection failure is a common UPS problem with modern systems. Regular inspections help locate any loose internal connections before they affect the overall system.

    At UPS Solutions, we average a failure rate of just 1-2% in recent UPS main projects, compared with 3-4% averages by our closest competitors.

Troubleshoot UPS problems and solutions with UPS Solutions

If you’re struggling to understand why your UPS fails so regularly, or if you aren’t sure why your UPS server is down, it may be time to get connected with a professional team who cares.

UPS Solutions is an Australian provider of world-class uninterruptible power supply systems, with 11,000 happy customers and more than 100,000 systems sold. We specialise in delivering outstanding field services, power quality, and racks and cooling systems to partners, troubleshooting your UPS problem as quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible. 

Contact us at 1300.555.992 to get your UPS working right away. Have some questions first? Peruse our UPS frequently asked questions page for more information. We’re looking forward to serving you.

Isaac Prakash
Isaac Prakash


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