Avoiding Pitfalls: Common Mistakes During UPS Installation And How To Evade Them

Avoiding Pitfalls: Common Mistakes During UPS Installation And How To Evade Them

by Isaac Prakash September 13, 2023

Your UPS system is your failsafe in the event of a power failure. The way that you can rest assured your electronics won’t be damaged, that data won’t be lost, and that your business won’t suffer due to a power cut or surge. It is an essential redundancy for any business with the foresight to plan for any eventuality, and yet simply deciding to get a UPS isn’t enough.

You also need to install it and maintain it correctly to ensure that it actually performs as it should. Read on to discover some of the common mistakes that occur with UPS installation, and how you can avoid them for your system…


The problems with an incorrectly installed UPS system.

A failure to correctly install your UPS can have many consequences, the main one of which is that it simply will not work. In the event of a power failure, instead of your UPS system working instantly to provide power to your electronic equipment, you will be left quite literally in the dark.

Your UPS can also end up with a shorter lifespan, can work at less than full capacity, or start working, and then stop.

It is all too easy to make some of the more common mistakes when trying to install your own UPS system, instead of using professional installation and maintenance services to ensure it is done right. If you do try and do it yourself, you may not realise you have made a mistake until the system fails to work properly, and serious consequences arise.

Here are some of the common pitfalls for you to recognise and avoid, to ensure that your UPS works perfectly and for longer. Remember that the best way to achieve this and give you peace of mind is to choose UPS Solutions for an expert installation free from any of these errors…


Failure to choose the right system

The very first misstep that people make, other than failing to get a UPS altogether, is to choose the wrong system for your needs. It could be that you need something with a greater capacity than you bought, or perhaps that you chose the wrong type of UPS for your business. If your UPS is not built to support all the equipment that you wish to protect, you could lose power, time, and money.

UPS Solutions has the perfect UPS ready and waiting for you from a wide range of sizes and types of systems and can advise you on which to get if you are at all unsure.


Failure to place your UPS in the correct environment

One of the crucial steps to consider for UPS installation is where you are going to put it, and if the environmental conditions are optimal for its longevity and functionality. Your UPS system requires the right conditions to work at its best. Dust and pollutants in the air can clog up key components of your UPS, while the wrong temperature can have terrible consequences for your battery and the system as a whole.

Check you have the optimal environment required for your UPS, making sure that the area where you place it has plenty of space, is well-ventilated, and is at the right temperature at all times.


Failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions

Far too often mistakes are made because of a simple failure to properly read the instructions, and then carry them out. When trying to install a UPS system, it is essential that you thoroughly check the manufacturer’s guidelines, and follow them to the letter.

At UPS Solutions all our installation and maintenance technicians are experts at handling each of our UPS systems so that no common missteps are made.


Failure to properly test and commission your UPS

Your UPS is a complicated system that requires thorough commissioning to ensure that it is working at its best. Each component must be tested for optimal function, and yet far too often this critical step is rushed or skipped altogether.

There are over 100 separate checks that are involved in UPS commissioning, another key reason to contact UPS Solutions is to ensure your UPS has been correctly set up.


Failure to come up with a firm maintenance plan

Even if you feel fairly confident that you have correctly installed your UPS, proper maintenance is critical from the offset if you want it to work properly when you need it. Neglecting upkeep and servicing of your UPS can lead to a shortened lifespan, issues, and complete system failure. None of which you will know about until it is too late without creating and sticking to a maintenance plan.


Failure to plan for the future

As well as installing and caring for your UPS system in the right way now and in the future, it is also important that you consider your future needs. If you ignore the potential need for growth in the coming months and years during the initial installation process, it can lead to problems down the road.

A professional UPS installation expert from UPS Solutions will always keep the future in mind and act accordingly, allowing for scaling up and growth in the years to come.



These are just some of the ways in which errors can occur throughout the installation process. All of these mistakes and more are most commonly made by people who attempt to install their UPS by themselves. Choosing to have your UPS professionally installed by UPS Solutions will not only save you the time and hassle of doing it yourself but will ensure that each step is followed perfectly.

How you install your UPS is the foundation on which to build trust in your system. You need a professional installation so that you can rely on your UPS to work, and work well when you actually need it. For greater longevity and a more reliable UPS system, trust in the experts to carry out any and all installation and maintenance services on your UPS.

Isaac Prakash
Isaac Prakash


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