Install & Maintenance Services (UPS, Batteries & Generators)

Install & Maintenance Services (UPS, Batteries & Generators)

by Isaac Prakash April 13, 2022

We provide a full range of installation, maintenance and electrical services for UPS systems, batteries and generators in New Zealand. Whether you would like us to perform a UPS battery replacement, install a brand new backup power system or inspect and test your existing system, contact us to arrange a site visit. Our technicians are highly experienced and fully qualified professionals who complete all work in accordance with Australian/New Zealand Standards.

Onsite testing and repair of UPS systems

Our technicians will thoroughly assess your system to ensure that it complies with all relevant standards and is in excellent working order.

Electrical planning and installation

We provide electrical planning and installation services across New Zealand. We will ensure your backup systems are installed per the manufacturer’s guidelines and with all applicable safety standards.

Pre-installation surveys

To ensure that your new UPS system will meet all of your requirements, we can conduct a pre-installation survey at your site.

New electrical service installations

We can perform complete electrical wiring installations in offices of all sizes across New Zealand. Our service includes designing, installing, and commissioning all required electrical services.

UPS installations

While some standalone units are plug and play, it is always worth paying for professional installation to ensure that your new UPS system is configured correctly. Our technicians install and configure UPS systems of all types and sizes.

UPS commissioning

Once your new system has been installed, we can check all functionality to ensure it is in total working order. We can also train your staff on how to operate it safely.

Service bypass panel installation

A service bypass panel enables you to switch to mains power during UPS maintenance work. We can install service bypass panels for all critical equipment in your office.

Maintenance service for UPS systems

We offer preventative maintenance services for all types of commercial UPS systems in New Zealand. To book a visit from our technicians or request more information, please contact us now.

Battery replacement service

We follow a professional UPS battery replacement procedure that ensures all work is completed quickly and efficiently. Whether you need us to replace a single raw battery or several battery cartridges, our technicians will perform all the necessary work at a time that is convenient for you.

To ensure that your UPS batteries are always in good condition, we can organise a replacement schedule for your system. We'll visit your site at the indicated times and replace all batteries per the manufacturer's recommendations and industry best practices.

Our technicians work on all makes and models and any type of UPS system — from standalone units for small offices and residential applications to large commercial systems with many battery cartridges/enclosures. Whether you’d like us to perform a Vertiv, Eaton or APC UPS battery replacement or replace a battery on any other make of UPS, we can take care of it.

Generator sales

As backup power specialists, we also supply and install backup generator solutions across New Zealand.

Software setup

Our team of specialists will install and test all required software for your UPS system, ensuring that it works perfectly before they leave.

For more information on our services, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. We are the most experienced service providers in this part of the world, undertaking all types of UPS battery replacement, UPS installation, maintenance and setup tasks.

Isaac Prakash
Isaac Prakash


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