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UPS Solutions 80kVA/80kW 3:3/3:1/1:1 Phase Online UPS System XRT-3PH-80KVA

UPS Solutions 80kVA/80kW 3:3/3:1/1:1 Phase Online UPS System XRT-3PH-80KVA

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Designed for large-scale server rooms and data center applications, the XRT 3-Phase 80KVA model integrates advanced technology for high-efficiency power supply and protection.

With its robust construction and superior capabilities, this UPS is ideal for ensuring uninterrupted power and optimized performance in demanding environments.

Input Specifications:
Voltage (Vac): 380/400/415 (138~485 L-L)
Frequency (Hz): 40~70
Power Factor: ≥0.99
Phase: 3φ4W+PE
THDi: <3% at full linear load

Bypass Specifications:
Bypass Voltage (Vac): 380/400/415
Voltage Range: -20% (-10%/-15%/-30% selectable)/+15% (10%/20%/25% selectable)
Overload: ≤130%: long run; 130%< load ≤150%: 5min; 150%< load ≤200%: 1s; 200%< load ≤300%: 100ms; >300%: OUTPUT immediately.

Output Specifications:
Capacity (kW): 80
Power Factor: 1 (0.5 leading to 0.5 lagging)
Voltage (Vac): 380/400/415±1%
Frequency (Hz): 50/60±0.1% (Battery mode)
Phase: 3φ4W+PE
Three Phase Difference: ≤1%
THDv: <1% at linear load, <4% at non-linear load
Transfer Time (ms): 0
AC-AC Efficiency: up to 96.5%
Overload: 101-105% Long run, 106-110% load for 60 minutes, 111%-125% load for 10 minutes, 126%-150% load for 1 minute, over 150% load transfer to bypass

Battery Specifications:
Battery Voltage (Vdc): ±240(±168 ~±288 adjustable)
Battery Type: External
Charging Current (A): MAX 60

General Specifications:
Communication Interface: RS232, RS485, MODBUS, dry contact (BMS, SNMP, expend dry contact card are optional in slot)
Display: 7" Touch screen+LED+LED bar
Alarm: AC input abnormal, low battery, overload, failure
Protection: Output short-circuit, overload, over-temperature, battery low voltage, output over/low voltage
Noise (dB): <70
Altitude(m): 0-2000 no derate. 2000-3000 m derate power by 1 % per each 100 m increase
IP: IP20
Working Temperature (°C): 0 ~ 40 no derate, 40~50 auto derate.
Relative Humidity: 0 ~ 95%, no condensation
Dimension (W×D×H)(mm): 600×1000×1600
Weight (kg): 161

Key Features:
• Advanced double-conversion technology for efficient and reliable power delivery
• High-capacity performance suitable for large-scale data centers
• Wide input voltage range to accommodate various power conditions
• Comprehensive protection mechanisms to safeguard critical infrastructure
• User-friendly 7" touch screen interface for easy monitoring and control
• Flexible external battery configurations for scalable runtime solutions
• Extensive communication options including RS232, RS485, MODBUS
• Designed to operate efficiently even in challenging environmental conditions

Service and Support:
• Comprehensive manufacturer's warranty and support services
• Professional installation and setup available
• Dedicated customer service and technical support team

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