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Vertiv Liebert NXC

10kVA - 60kVA

✓ Scales from 10kW to 200kW

✓ Up to 95.5% Efficiency

✓ Built-In Fault Tolerance

The Vertiv Liebert NXC Series delivers versatile UPS solutions for power needs from 10kVA to 60kVA. Ideal for medium-sized data centres and critical applications, it provides efficient power protection, ensuring reliability for essential IT and telecommunications infrastructure.

Vertiv Liebert NXC
10kVA - 60kVA

The Vertiv Liebert NXC series delivers a modular UPS solution that seamlessly integrates into diverse IT environments, scaling as organisational power demands increase.

Designed for effortless expansion, facilities can add capacity from 10kVA to 60kVA as needed, optimising investments and minimising waste. With efficiencies up to 95.5% in double conversion mode, the NXC series reduces energy consumption and lowers operational costs.

Its robust protection features, comprehensive fault tolerance, and advanced battery management systems ensure continuous uptime and extended battery life, enhancing overall reliability.

The NXC design emphasises user-friendly operation with an intuitive LCD display and maintenance simplicity, including hot-swappable batteries and power modules to protect critical systems without interruption.

Vertiv Liebert NXC Series Key Features

Scalable & Flexible Power

  • Modular Design: Allows incremental power additions adapting to growing energy demands.
  • Tailored Configurations: Systems can be customized to match specific power and redundancy requirements.

Enhanced Efficiency & Cost Management

  • High Efficiency Mode: Operates at up to 95% efficiency, reducing electricity usage and cooling costs.
  • Energy Saving System: Incorporates eco-mode options to further enhance energy efficiency without compromising protection.

Dependable & Continuous Operation

  • Comprehensive UPS Protection: Safeguards against power disturbances such as outages, voltage fluctuations, and surges.
  • Advanced Battery Management: Intelligent charging systems extend battery performance and life, maintaining high availability.

Intuitive Monitoring & Usability

  • User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive LCD display provides easy access to system status and settings.
  • Remote Management Capabilities: Supports multiple network management protocols for enhanced monitoring and control of UPS status.

Maintenance & Installation Simplicity

  • Hot-Swappable Components: Allows for maintenance and component upgrades without system downtime.
  • Easy Installation Process: Designed for quick integration into existing setups, simplifying the installation process.

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