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A Guide To The Best Power Outage Supplies

by Isaac Prakash July 12, 2023

Power outages can strike at any time. Whether the electricity loss lasts 15 minutes or an entire business day, they disrupt business operations. Without reliable backup for power outages, you could be facing major delays in your communications, production and delivery. Even your building’s support and security systems, including your HVAC and safety alarms, could be suspended. 

To prepare for a power outage, start by putting together this list of essential supplies:

  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) — A UPS system is the backbone of any office’s power outage preparedness. It provides backup during voltage fluctuations or blackouts, ensuring uninterrupted operation of critical equipment such as computers, servers and communication systems.
    When choosing a UPS, consider the power capacity, battery runtime, scalability and connectivity options that best suit your office’s needs. 
  • Backup generators — A generator is a reliable backup for power outages, especially when they are prolonged or affect a wider area. Select a generator with sufficient capacity to run essential equipment and maintain basic operations, based on the size of your office and power requirements. 
  • Surge protectors — Power surges can occur during power restoration or when electricity returns after an outage, which can damage sensitive electronic equipment. 
    You can protect valuable commercial equipment and devices with surge protectors that absorb excess voltage. Surge protectors can safeguard potential damage in workstations, server rooms and other areas with valuable equipment.
  • Emergency lighting — Lighting also needs backup during power outages and every commercial space should prepare flashlights, lanterns and headlamps for individual use. Opt for portable and battery-powered emergency lighting equipment. Also, regularly test and maintain backup lighting to ensure they are functioning when needed.
  • Communication tools — Stay connected with employees, customers and other stakeholders during power outages. To continue using mobile devices, keep power banks for recharging. However, be prepared to have interruptions to cellular networks during a power outage. 
    A better communications backup for a power outage is a battery-powered or solar-powered radio, which does not rely on electricity to remain functional. And while cellular networks might be down, radios can transmit emergency communications through frequencies. 
  • Emergency supplies — Besides preparing electrical and equipment backup for power outages, you need to stock your commercial space with general emergency supplies. These include a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, non-perishable food, water and batteries. Train employees on emergency procedures and evacuation plans to ensure everyone responds appropriately during power outages. 

Prepare your business with a UPS system as a backup for power outages

Safeguard your business against the impact of a power outage with a reliable uninterruptible power supply. Invest in a UPS system that suits your organisation’s needs from UPS Solutions. During power interruptions, you can trust that our UPS systems can keep the critical infrastructures of your business operational, including your data centre and IT equipment.

To maintain the reliability of your UPS system, we recommend investing in UPS batteries. These are the backup to your backup for power outages and are essential components to your power outage supplies. Browse our range of UPS batteries from trusted suppliers worldwide, such as APC, Vertiv / Liebert, Powerware, Vision, CSB and MGE

For enquiries on UPS systems in Australia, reach out to us today.

Isaac Prakash
Isaac Prakash


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