Securing System Longevity: The Crucial Role Of Proper UPS Commissioning

Securing System Longevity: The Crucial Role Of Proper UPS Commissioning

by Isaac Prakash September 18, 2023

A fully functioning and maintained UPS system is essential for businesses that rely on a steady power supply to maintain their equipment and provide proper care for those in their employ.

A random power surge can cause serious harm to your electronics, while an unplanned power cut or outage can lead to otherwise avoidable damage.

Yes, selecting and installing your UPS system is essential, however, properly commissioning your UPS system is also critical in safeguarding your equipment – and indeed your business. Read on to find out why…


An Introduction to UPS Commissioning

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) commissioning involves bringing your system online. This includes checking and testing all of the systems and components to make sure that they are functioning in the right way. It is an involved and crucial process that assesses each part of your UPS to ensure that it is properly designed, and also checks how each part has been installed.

Each and every component must be tested to make sure that it is functioning as intended. This process is best carried out by the experts at UPS Solutions, to ensure no problems down the line, and for the longevity and reliability of your UPS system.


The Importance of UPS Commissioning

Proper commissioning is essential for so many reasons, including for the safety of both you and your equipment. Anything involving electricity should be carefully checked, and your UPS is no different. It is imperative that each and every component is tested to detect dangerous irregularities and minimise future issues.

UPS commissioning is also important to increase energy efficiency and protect and preserve the hardware involved. You will find that your UPS system performs better and lasts longer if it has been commissioned properly than if you have skipped this crucial step.

There is a direct link between proper commissioning and the lifespan of your UPS. By testing and checking each component, to begin with, you can detect any issues or irregularities early – and correct them before they can impact the whole system. This is also essential for the reliability of your system. When you choose UPS Solutions to commission your UPS, you can trust that it will perform well now and in the future.


The Steps Involved in UPS Commissioning 

  • Pre-Commissioning Checks - The first step to proper commissioning is to ensure that the environment is set up in the right way, without issues such as the wrong temperature impacting your UPS. You should determine the levels of power source availability, check that conditions are optimal, and give a visual inspection of your UPS.
  • Calibration - The next step is to calibrate your UPS, setting your own parameters and ensuring that the system is set up the way that you need.
  • Functionality Tests - Now it is time to actually carry out all the necessary tests. There are over 100 separate functions and components that need to be checked, and you need to test them under different conditions. This is essential to determine whether they will work in the event of a power surge, or power failure, and in any related situation that might arise.
  • Documentation - Any proper commissioning must include thorough and accurate record keeping, with every detail recorded and ready for future reference and maintenance.


The Common Pitfalls in UPS Commissioning

Poorly carried out UPS commissioning offers many opportunities for mistakes, issues and potential for disaster further down the road. Incorrect wiring, for example, can be highly dangerous as well as harmful to your system. A failure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines can similarly harm your system and cause it to fail.

Inadequate testing is perhaps the most common pitfall when commissioning your UPS. Too many people believe that they don’t need to fully test each and every component of their UPS, but just one weak link can cause the chain to break. If you want to ensure your system’s longevity and trust that it will function as it should, proper UPS commissioning is key – even more so when lives are at stake.


How to Avoid these Pitfalls

The best way to avoid any pitfalls with your UPS system is to contact UPS Solutions to commission your system. With over 100 separate checks and tests involved, it is hardly surprising that most individuals are not equipped to carry out each check to the standards required.

At UPS Solutions our highly trained team can carefully test and evaluate each component of your system, giving it the best chance of success. You need to be able to trust that your system is working at its best, and proper commissioning and regular maintenance are imperative to ensure this.

Proper UPS commissioning is not something that can be dismissed, forgotten or ignored. Without proper UPS commissioning, you may well end up with a system that doesn’t function properly, and that lets you down when you need it most.

However, having a professional from UPS Solutions commission your UPS system will ensure that it is working at its best and that it will continue to do so for as long as possible.

Isaac Prakash
Isaac Prakash


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