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A Comprehensive Look Into Battery Replacement For UPS Systems

A Comprehensive Look Into Battery Replacement For UPS Systems

A UPS, or uninterruptible power supply, is a device that guarantees continuous and instantaneous power that allows you to protect your data and equipment in the event of power fluctuations and outages. Since a UPS works as backup power, it is unsurprising that its batteries are the most important component that it possesses.

And yet, many systems end up failing or having issues due to lack of proper battery care and replacement. Read on to better understand the importance of UPS batteries and when and how to replace them…


The role of batteries in UPS systems

Batteries are the undisputed heart of any UPS system. The essential component that keeps it working when the power goes out and it becomes the only thing standing in the way of possible catastrophe.

In the event of power failure, a backup generator will take precious time to begin to work. In this window of time, damage can be done to your computers and devices, important data damaged and lost, and this can cause all kinds of issues including loss of money.

That is where your UPS comes in. It bridges the gap between the power outage and replacement power, and gives you the time to safely save and shutdown your work. The battery is what allows this to happen and gives you the power you need to weather any power fluctuations and outages that can and will occur.


Signs your UPS battery needs replacement

As you can see, batteries are utterly crucial to your UPS system, and indeed there wouldn’t be a UPS system without one. At UPS Solutions we know just how important your battery is, and when to replace it. Here are some of the key signs to let you know that time is now:

  • Its lifespan is over – batteries tend to last 3-5 years, so check the recommended shelf life and replace your battery accordingly.
  • If you notice any visible damage – if the chassis is bulging or damaged, or you can see anything else wrong, make sure you carefully and safely replace your battery immediately.
  • If there are any warning signs or alarms flashing on your UPS – one key reason for this is that the battery is failing, so check and replace as needed.
  • If the battery shows decreased performance when tested – batteries don’t always live their designated lifespan, often because of factors like temperature fluctuations or humidity. If this is the case, don’t just replace the battery. Try and isolate and fix the issues that caused it to fail.
  • If your battery run time or load capacity is inadequate – it may be time for a replacement to suit your needs.
  • If the UPS system fails during a blackout – this is of course what you are hoping to avoid at all costs, but if the system does fail, the battery could well be the cause.

    Step-by-step guide to UPS battery replacement

    Now you know when you need to replace your battery, it is time to discuss exactly how to go about it. If you are in any doubt you can always contact UPS Solutions, or for most systems follow our step-by-step guide below…

  • Step 1 – open the screws from the back side
  • Step 2 – look in and check the battery make and model if you wish to get the same again
  • Step 3 – open the clamp holding the battery by removing the screws
  • Step 4 – open the red and black cables
  • Step 5 – remove the battery
  • Step 6 – insert the new battery, attaching the red and black cables (or the negative ground cable and the positive hot cable)
  • Step 7 – reattach the clamp doing up the screws, close the back and install the screws again

    Choosing the right replacement battery for your UPS

    When it comes to choosing the right replacement battery for your UPS, you should first consider how well the former battery performed. If it had any issues with uptime, longevity and so on, you clearly should not get the same one again.

    You should consider your needs, how much power you require, and then check the UPS volt-amps rating. Choose UPS Solutions for a range of UPS batteries that will give you the maximum performance and get the job done.

    Our XRT6 UPS units are arguably the best choice that you can make. They are the first ones in Australia to come with 10 year design life batteries. Most batteries offer 5 years as standard, and you have to replace them in 3-4 years. With our 10 year lifespan, our batteries will last the reasonable life of single phase unit (or a 3ph unit) before the components need changing.


    Tips for battery maintenance and extending battery life  

    There are many tips that you can use to extend your battery life and ensure it is well-maintained, though of course all batteries will still eventually need to be replaced. Some of the key tips include:


  • Proper temperature regulation
  • Prevention of humidity
  • Recharge a fully discharged battery as soon as you can to prevent damage
  • Don’t overcharge or overly discharge your battery
  • Leave plenty of space around your UPS
  • Keep your batteries out of direct sunlight
  • Visibly inspect your batteries regularly


    Maintain your UPS system's efficiency with timely battery replacements. Check out our selection of quality UPS batteries at UPS Solutions. Contact our team for personalised advice and support. Let's ensure your power continuity together!

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