PowerMaster+ software provides comprehensive advanced power management for UPS/PDU/ATS systems. It controls unattended shutdowns, scheduled shutdowns, and notifications for computers powered by the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), PDU (Power Distribution Unit), or the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch).

PowerMaster+ software consists of two different modules; Local and Remote. Local monitors and configures the UPS through the USB or serial connection, logs UPS status and power events, and generates actions in response to events. Remote establishes communication with the Local, UPS RMCARD, PDU or ATS and generates actions according to notifications from the UPS/PDU/ATS when a power event occurs.

The Local should be installed on a single computer connected to the UPS with a USB or serial connection. The Local controls the UPS and establishes communication with the Remote if the UPS has no remote management card. The Local relays the UPS state to each Remote and the Remote performs actions based on the notifications. Each computer powered by the UPS can be protected and controlled using the Remote. In the event of power failure, the Local will shut down the hosted computer and request the Remote computers to shut down prior to the UPS shutting down.

A UPS with a remote management card has the ability to communicate with multiple computers which have Remote installed and are on the same network and relay the UPS status to each Remote. In the event of a power failure, each Remote will request the hosted computer to shut down following notifications from the UPS. Refer to Configuration B of the PowerMaster+ structure illustration.

The Remote also has the ability to communicate with a PDU. Each computer powered by a PDU can utilize the Remote for protection and control. When a PDU outlet supplying power to a computer running Remote is going to be switched off, the Remote will perform a shutdown prior to switching off the power.

The Remote provides unattended shutdown for the hosted computer following a notification from the UPS/PDU/ATS. The Remote also provides the following functions:

• Unattended shutdown in response to various power conditions.
• User notification of power conditions.
• Flexible configuration of actions for each specific event and notifications via E-mail, Instant Message, and SMS.
• Historical logs of power events.
• Quick view system summary.

Download the Remote software below:



In order to ensure that PowerMaster+ software works properly, please follow these steps:

• Setup the SNMP community in the UPS/PDU, or the Secret Phrase used by Local on the SETTING/Security page.See SETTING/Security for more details.
• Assign a network address of the UPS/PDU on the POWER CONFIGURATION page.
• Setup the connected outlet on the POWER CONFIGURATION page.
• Configure the Necessary shutdown time option on the SETTING/Shutdown Events page based off of how long it takes for that computer to turn off completely after a shutdown has been initiated.



PowerMaster+ Management software simultaneously monitors and controls multiple UPS/PDU/ATS units and computers which have Local or Remote (modules from PowerMaster+) installed via the local network. It also logs events and results about commands for power management.  

PowerMaster+ Management provides users the following functions:

• Simultaneous monitoring of multiple UPS/PDU/ATS units, equipment and computers which have Local or Remote installed.
• Control access to all monitored UPS, PDU, computers and equipment.
• Detailed load management between UPS/PDU/ATS and all powered computers/equipment.
• Equipment groups for easy monitoring or individual access.
• Viewing additional information and status of monitored UPS, PDU, computers and equipment.
• Historical logs for events and results about demands to power management.

Download the Remote software below:



In order to ensure the PowerMaster+ software functions properly, make sure that Management have been configured correctly.

• In order to establish communication with the UPS, PDU, Local or Remote. • Set the SNMP Community to the same one used in the UPS/PDU, or the Secret Phrase used by the remote card of UPS, PDU, Local or Remote on the SETTING/Security page.
• Setup that the port used by the Management on the SETTING/Security page to match the port used by the Local or Remote


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