Whether you’re a small business or medium sized company UPS Solutions can keep your server room up and running, with neat, customised and scalable infrastructure designed by our engineers and solutions experts to provide the right solution.

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An environmental monitoring unit (EMU) proactively monitors and checks critical signs in the IT room or data centre. Everything from the temperature, water damage or air flow issues, sensor and integrated cameras can be the “eyes and ears” to warn you if conditions within your IT room are threatening downtime.

Using a mixture of temperature, humidity, smoke, door contact, airflow, dry contact, spot leak, vibration monitoring that allows you to monitor your environmental conditions. An integrated camera allows video surveillance and monitoring to record human activity in the event of spilled water or if someone moved a server or added a device. Integrated software assesses the severity of any physical threat, whether environmental or human and alerts you via email or phone.

Protect your IT assets from security threats by adding in camera and motion detection security into your data centre. Whatever the threat to downtime we have a monitoring solution to suit your site. Optional user-defined alerts can be sent in a variety of formats and are easily integrated into event escalation policies.

We also provide onsite environmental monitoring installation services which includes:
  • Assembly and mounting of the environmental monitoring unit
  • Temperature and humidity sensor installation 
  • Cable runs from sensors to the EMU 
  • Additional sensor installation such as door, water detection, smoke, airflow.
  • IP Camera installation and testing
  • Software integration and testing
  • Setting up of critical alerts via email and phone 


Onsite Installation and testing of UPS software to provide automated graceful shutdown of a single or multiple devices. Service is based on commonly used software applications and operating systems such as Microsoft, IBM, VMWare, Novell, UnixWare, Solaris, Linux. 

UPS Network Management Cards provide management of an individual UPS by connecting the UPS directly to the network with a dedicated IP address, avoiding the need for a proxy such as a server. Manage each UPS individually via web browser, Telnet, SNMP or via SSL and SSH. Notification features inform you of problems as they occur.

  • Remote monitoring & control of UPS connected directly to network.
  • Simultaneous remote management through Telnet and SSH
  • Securely connect via HTTPS/SSL, SSH, SNMPv3
  • Capable of operating on a network using IPv6 protocol
  • Supports reporting UPS information to Building Management Systems or other third party management systems via Modbus TCP 


While cyber security is a hot topic, the physical security of our sensitive IT equipment is something that we always need to be wary about. An IT equipment, as small as your PC at home, an important server in a data centre or a medical instrument has one thing in common – they all are very sensitive to input power. Power surges, harmonic or voltage variations/distortions can damage this equipment very easily. Losing these equipment can often be a very costly experience.

UPS systems are very well known for providing back-up power in case of a power outage. However, it is less known that they have provide more than just a backup power. Especially an On-Line UPS topology protects against all nine main power issues. The On-Line system is the most common UPS system used as it completely isolates mains power, consistently supplying clean power to vulnerable equipment.




Poor cable management can represent more business downtime than power outages within your data centre. A well cabled and organised room can decrease the risk of human error and ensures easier expansion and deployment of new equipment.

Racks and enclosures house more equipment today than ever before. This rise in equipment densities has increased the need for organised cable management both inside and outside the rack.

Poor cable management can not only lead to damaged cables or increased time to add or change out cables, but can block critical airflow or access. This can lead to inefficiencies in the performance of your equipment or even downtime.

Solutions range from simple cable management rings, to vertical or horizontal organisers, to troughs and ladders. 


A neat well organised room is easier to manage and reduces downtime risks. 

1 to 5 Racks, small communication rooms and server rooms are still the backbone of communication for many Australian businesses. UPS Solutions can design and deploy small server room fit outs and refurbishments to ensure your room can:

  • Minimise downtime to your business’s critical applications.
  • Optimise temperature and environmental factors within the room.
  • Make best use of available space.
  • Improve power distribution and cable management.
  • Cooling solutions to help save money on energy costs as focused cooling eliminates unnecessary usage after office hours or at other times when power consumption is reduced. 
  • Environmental Monitoring for physical security and to monitor server room conditions, including alerts and auto-shutdown functions.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership.
  • Save on design costs without the need for additional consulting services and fees.
  • UPS Solutions can provide and end to end solution including data cabling, electrical, cooling, fire suppression, maintenance, layout and design services, consultation and project management.


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