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Sealed Lead Acid UPS Systems

Reliable and Proven Energy Storage for Critical Backup

500VA - 20KVA

  Dependable Energy Storage with Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

 Wide Range of Capacities to Suit Various Needs

 Onsite Electrical & Installation Services 

Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) UPS Systems are the backbone of reliable power protection, offering tried-and-tested technology for a vast array of applications. From small office environments to large data centre's, SLA UPS systems provide the resilience and dependability needed to ensure uninterrupted power, safeguarding essential data and equipment against power anomalies. Their robust design, coupled with a history of reliable performance, makes these systems a staple in the UPS market.

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Sealed Lead Acid UPS Systems

Consistent Power Protection with Trusted Technology

Experience the enduring power of Sealed Lead Acid UPS Systems, designed to deliver critical backup when you need it most. These systems use sealed lead acid batteries, known for their reliability and maintenance-free operation, offering peace of mind across various sectors, including IT, healthcare, and industrial environments.

With a range of capacities available, our SLA UPS solutions can be tailored to meet your specific power requirements, ensuring optimal protection for your critical systems.

Our solutions are engineered to provide seamless backup power, minimising downtime and protecting against data loss. For more information on how our SLA UPS systems can fortify your operations, feel free to reach out. 

Key Features

  Robust and Reliable Energy Storage

 Maintenance-Free Battery Design

 Flexible Configurations for Various Applications


 Quick and Efficient Recharge Cycles

 Industry-Leading Power Availability

 Safe Operation with Leak-Proof Construction


Scalable Solutions to Grow with Your Needs

 Eco-Conscious Recycling Programs

Expert Technical Support and Warranty Services

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