Listed below are projects UPS Solutions recently implemented across different core services. Along with projects, we also do day to day transactional jobs for one off UPS systems, servicing and battery replacements. Whether its small or large we have the right guys for the job. Some clients cannot be named due to confidentiality agreements and the sensitive nature of the IT environments. There are many projects not listed but we can guarantee we will have reference sites for successful projects completed by UPS Solutions in your industry.


Working with agencies like VicRoads, EcoDev and other VIC Government branches we have successfully implemented over 200 Critical UPS systems ranging from 3KVA-40KVA in the last 12 months. Many of the locations were providing critical services to the public in metro and regional Victorian hubs. As a registered and trusted VIC Gov supplier we are tasked to comprehensively maintain these systems over their service life.

We have received great feedback and almost <2% failure rate (compared to 3-4% from our closest competitors) due to our pre-commissioning services at base prior to dispatch. We pride ourselves in going that extra mile, UPS Systems are manufactured abroad and not tested by any other provider prior to dispatch.


For over 10 years we have supplied and maintained infrastructure for NSW Gov agencies and are a registered NSW Gov supplier. This year we have been responsible for numerous projects across Transport NSW & Sydney Trains among others supplying and installing uninterruptible power supplies from 1KVA-60KVA.

We have been apart of these projects for such a long engagement due to our knowledge, flexibility, understanding of the clients requirements and reliability.



UPS Solutions designed a custom solution for this client who has over 2000 premises to fit into a very small footprint providing over an hour of backup time at service locations.

The project consists of Surge Protection, Bypass Facility, UPS Systems, Battery banks, Custom Cables and Peripherals. The design was made to be resilient and have a design life exceeding (6) years.

Due to our pre-commissioning services described under VIC Gov, we have an <1% unit failure rate on this project (compared to 3-4% from our nearest competitors)


UPS Solutions were engaged to replace all Metro Head Office UPS Systems, after some helpful insights from our team they decided to engage us at a larger level to refurbish there existing server rooms. The project scope covered Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra locations.

We replaced all server racks, supplied new patch panels and cables where required, audited their data and telco cabling, cleaned the racks & supplied new UPS systems and power rails (PDU's). The jobs were complete without major issues as our staff went above and beyond to ensure services were uninterrupted.


Supplying both IT and Facilities UPS Systems throughout the campus, UPS Solutions has an ongoing engagement. Notably we provided a turnkey Data Centre solution for the world famous QUT Cube. Details under Server Room Projects.


UPS Solutions have been maintaining the Critical Power and Cooling for this prestigious insurance firm for over 6 years. In the last 12 months a rollout of new UPS systems were implemented at a national level to metro and regional sites. Many issues with the initial installers were discovered by our techs (issues on install caused by another competitor party) such as doubling up on wiring and other fire hazards. These issues were rectified during the rollout and the sites are now running safely.

More information about projects performed with this Client in the Cooling and DCIM sections below.


Australia's largest aluminium manufacturer came to UPS Solutions after an incorrectly maintained UPS system caught fire.

The strategic rollout was based around the safety of onsite staff and protecting the business from damages caused by incorrectly maintained UPS Systems.

The rollout included replacement of old equipment, installation of new custom systems with added protection and temperature controlled shutdown sequences.

Due to the successful implementation we were awarded a hardware service contract a period of (6) years.


UPS Solutions were engaged after a faulty piece of equipment caused a major outage at the clients site. Outages at this site cause monetary damages, but more importantly the reputational damage if they were to lose customer samples.

We rolled out solutions across Australia protecting labs and critical IT hardware from damages with a plan to have a minimum of 2x backup power sources at each location for redundancy with a minimum of (4) hours backup across business critical applications.

This project included a power audit at sites, supply and service of Generators and UPS Power Supplies, electrical distribution and bi-yearly servicing and failover tests.

The engagement was a success and we were awarded an ongoing service contract.


UPS Solutions were engaged by the client due to a failing relationship with the manufacturer of the products that they frequently purchased. UPS Solutions as a supplier of these manufacturers product took a customer first approach to fulfil this large clients requirements. Assets protected by UPS Systems at these reference sites retail in excess of $800M AUD.

Since our initial successful engagement we were awarded a national contract, maintaining and replacing critical infrastructure from 5KVA to 500KVA, Cooling, Data Centre Cleaning, Fire Suppression, CREMS and other solutions across our product suite.



Redundancy being the main goal for this logistics giant saw us implementing a Symmetra PX modular UPS system rated to 64kw with capacity to expand to 120kw n+1 in their Sydney data centre. Within a short period we were tasked to make good on the expansion and increased capacity to 120kw n+1.

The client was extremely satisfied with the initial planning of this project which saved them significant expediture only after a short period of time.

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