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Vertiv Liebert GXT5


 True On-Line Double Conversion UPS

 Zero Transfer Time

 Active Eco Mode

Discover the advanced protection offered by the Vertiv Liebert GXT5 UPS, a true on-line solution ensuring seamless, high-quality power supply for critical systems. Perfect for safeguarding against blackouts, brownouts, sags, surges, and noise interference, the Liebert GXT5 stands out for its robust capabilities in a compact design.

Vertiv Liebert GXT5

The Vertiv Liebert GXT5 UPS is engineered for continuous operation with zero transfer time to battery power, guaranteeing an uninterrupted power supply. This system not only provides reliable power protection up to 10kVA but also enhances operational efficiency with its Active Eco Mode, achieving up to 97% efficiency. Its dual programmable outlet pairs allow for customized power distribution, ensuring flexibility and control over connected devices.

In addition to its core functionalities, the GXT5 comes ENERGY STAR certified, demonstrating its eco-friendly and cost-effective operation. The intuitive colour LCD interface offers ease of monitoring and management, while user-replaceable, hot-swappable batteries ensure minimal downtime. Optional external battery cabinets can be added, significantly extending backup time to safeguard your operations during extended power outages.

Vertiv Liebert GXT5 UPS Range Key Features

Performance and Reliability

  • Double Conversion Online UPS: Ensures continuous, high-quality AC power.
  • True On-line UPS: No interruption when transferring to battery.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Safeguards against blackouts, brownouts, sags, surges, and noise.

Efficiency and Usability

  • Active Eco Mode: Delivers up to 97% efficiency.
  • ENERGY STAR Certified: Ensures energy-efficient operation.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive color LCD for easy management.

Flexibility and Connectivity

  • Programmable Outlets: Power multiple devices with customisable control.
  • Expansion Support: Accommodates up to 6 external battery cabinets.
  • Intelligent Communications: Offers advanced connectivity options like DCIM, BMS, RS232, USB, and optional SNMP/Web management.

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