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Eaton 93PM

30kVA - 200kVA

Industry-leading 96.7% Efficiency

On-line Double Conversion

3 Phase Power Protection

Discover the Eaton 93PM UPS, a pinnacle of efficiency and reliability for mission-critical applications. Boasting an industry-leading 96.7% operating efficiency and compact design that occupies just 0.5m², the 93PM is engineered to optimise space and energy use in critical environments.

Eaton 93PM
30kVA - 200kVA

The Eaton 93PM UPS is designed to enhance the continuity of mission-critical applications, boasting an industry-leading efficiency of 96.7%. This high efficiency, coupled with world-class intelligent software solutions, positions the 93PM as a top choice for ensuring uninterrupted operations in critical environments. Its compact design occupies just 0.5m², making it ideal for spaces where efficiency and footprint are paramount.

The on-line double conversion topology of the 93PM guarantees that the output is entirely independent of utility power conditions, thereby protecting connected equipment against all common power disturbances. This UPS employs modern multi-level converter technology that maximises operational efficiency at an impressive 96.7%, significantly reducing operational costs. Additionally, Eaton's advanced charging algorithm and automatic battery tests extend battery life and ensure reliability, with the system capable of detecting battery defects early and facilitating timely replacement.

Eaton 93PM Key features

Efficiency and Innovation

  • High Operational Efficiency: Achieves 96.7% in double conversion mode and over 99% with Energy Saver System (ESS).
  • Intelligent Power Manager Software: Integrates with major virtualization platforms like VMware vCenter, Microsoft SCVMM, and Citrix XenCenter for seamless management.

Reliability and Usability

  • Advanced Battery Management: Prolongs battery life with sophisticated charging techniques and regular battery health checks.
  • Comprehensive Display Information: Provides real-time insights into power quality, energy consumption, and efficiency trends.

Integration and Monitoring

  • Virtualisation Integration: Plugs into leading virtualisation management systems for enhanced control.
  • Data Logging and Monitoring: Facilitates easy tracking, measuring, and managing of UPS performance and health.

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