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Eaton 93E

15kVA - 400kVA

Superior Power Protection

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Active Power Factor Correction

Experience superior power protection with the Eaton 93E UPS, ranging from 15kVA to 400kVA. Designed for modern data centres where space and efficiency are at a premium, the 93E UPS ensures a lower total cost of ownership through exceptional energy efficiency, high reliability, and a compact design. Ideal for small to medium-sized data centres, the 93E delivers dependable power protection tailored for expanding loads and stringent requirements.

Eaton 93E
15kVA - 400kVA

The Eaton 93E UPS is tailored for space-constrained data centres, delivering superior power protection from 15kVA to 400kVA. This system stands out for its 98% efficiency rate, achieved through a transformer-free design and advanced circuitry, significantly reducing operational costs and enhancing overall sustainability. Its high efficiency ensures reduced utility costs and promotes cooler operating conditions, contributing to a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

The 93E enhances operational reliability with features like Active Power Factor Correction (PFC), providing a 0.99 input power factor and <5% THD(i), ensuring compatibility with other equipment and generators. This UPS system also offers robust surge suppression and precise fault location identification, essential for maintaining uninterrupted service. Eaton Hot Sync® technology allows for the paralleling of up to four units, increasing capacity and redundancy without creating single points of failure. Additionally, its compact design permits easy integration into existing IT infrastructures, making the 93E a versatile and crucial solution for modern IT environments.

This version provides a concise overview of the Eaton 93E's capabilities, emphasising its efficiency, reliability, and integration flexibility, suitable for professional audiences seeking effective power solutions.

Eaton 93E Key Features

Efficiency and Compatibility

  • High Energy Efficiency: Achieves up to 98% efficiency, reducing operational costs and enhancing environmental sustainability.
  • Advanced Power Factor Correction: Offers 0.99 input power factor and <5% ITHD, minimising interference with network equipment and ensuring generator compatibility.

Reliability and Scalability

  • Fast Transition: Switches to double-conversion operation in less than 4ms, maintaining stable power under all conditions.
  • Patented Eaton Hot Sync® Technology: Allows for paralleling up to four units without a communication line, enhancing reliability and eliminating single points of failure.

Design and Usability

  • Compact Footprint: Up to 35% smaller than comparable solutions, fitting seamlessly into modern data centre designs.
  • In-Row Integration: Features a 600mm wide UPS cabinet for seamless integration with IT racks in data centres.
  • Intuitive Management: Large LCD provides easy access to UPS status, controls, and settings, simplifying management and monitoring.

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