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Eaton 9PX

1kVA - 11kVA

Robust Double Conversion Topology

 Achieves Up to 98% Efficiency in High-Efficiency Mode

 Delivers 28% More Power Than Comparable UPS Models

Discover the Eaton 9PX UPS range, featuring models from 1kVA to 11kVA, designed for scalability, advanced battery management, and versatile applications. This includes the 3:1 collection for specific power needs.

Eaton 9PX
1kVA - 11kVA

The Eaton 9PX constantly monitors power conditions and regulates voltage and frequency, offering up to 95% efficiency in online double conversion mode and 98% in high-efficiency mode to reduce energy and cooling costs. With a 0.9 power factor, it delivers 28% more power than other UPSs in its class and powers more servers with equivalent VA ratings. Its RT (Rack/tower) form factor makes it the most compact solution, delivering up to 5.4kW in 3U and 10kW in 6U.

For environments requiring flexible power configurations, the Eaton 9PX also offers the 3:1 collection. These models extend the adaptability of the 9PX range, perfect for users needing three-phase input and single-phase output from their UPS.


Eaton 9PX Range Key Features

Intelligent Management and Connectivity

  • Advanced Interface: Graphical LCD for real-time status updates and measurements.
  • Energy Monitoring: Tracks kWh usage via LCD or Eaton’s Intelligent Power Software.
  • Load Management: Prioritises critical device runtime, manages remote reboots, and scheduled startups.
  • Comprehensive Connectivity: Includes Serial, USB, relay, and extra slots for optional cards like Ethernet and Modbus. Supports all major OS and virtualisation platforms.

Efficiency and Power

  • Dual Conversion Modes: Up to 95% efficiency in online mode; 98% in high-efficiency mode.
  • Enhanced Power Output: Delivers 28% more power with a 0.9 power factor.
  • Versatile Form Factor: RT design delivers up to 5.4kW in 3U and 10kW in 6U.

Battery Management and Scalability

  • Extended Battery Life: Eaton ABM technology extends battery life by up to 50%.
  • Scalable Runtime: Supports additional runtime with hot-swappable battery modules.
  • Continuous Service: Internal bypass and optional Maintenance Bypass Module for uninterrupted service.

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