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APC Symmetra

4kVA - 16kVA

 Scale Power and Runtime

 Higher Levels of Availability

 Configurable for N+1 Internal Redundancy

The APC Symmetra series, featuring both the LX and RM models, is engineered to deliver unmatched business continuity. These UPS systems are designed with modular, scalable architectures that adapt to your power needs, making them ideal for protecting high-performance IT and telecommunications equipment in computer rooms and small data centres.

APC Symmetra

The APC Symmetra series enhances business continuity through its modular, redundant design that scales power and runtime as demand increases or when higher levels of availability are required. Both the LX and RM models minimize equipment rack space usage while maximizing deployment speed and ease of maintenance. The series is available in configurations from 4-16 kVA N+1, making it the go-to choice for safeguarding critical infrastructure.

Configurable for N+1 internal redundancy, Symmetra systems allow for the addition of an extra power module beyond the necessary capacity to support the connected load. This feature ensures continuous uptime even in the event of isolated module failures. The modular construction of both models promotes rapid serviceability and reduced maintenance through self-diagnosing, hot-swappable, and field-replaceable modules.

APC Symmetra Range Key Features

Scalability and Redundancy

  • Flexible Power Options: Scale power and runtime in response to growing demands.
  • N+1 Internal Redundancy: Extra module configuration for enhanced reliability.
  • Parallel Configuration: Immediate recovery capability from module failures.

Installation and Serviceability

  • Modular Architecture: Ensures quick serviceability with reduced maintenance requirements.
  • Hot-Swappable Modules: Easy replacement of batteries, power, and intelligence modules without downtime.
  • Mounting Options: Both LX and RM models offer rack and tower configurations (rack mount kits available separately).

Advanced Management and Connectivity

  • Network Manageability: Full control via Web, SNMP, and Telnet across both models.
  • Automatic Internal Bypass: Protects against overloads while maintaining power continuity.
  • Extensive Network Integration: Seamlessly integrates into existing IT environments, ensuring consistent management and monitoring.

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