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10kVA - 40kVA

Double Conversion Technology

Dual Mains Input

Scalable Runtime

Discover the APC Smart-UPS VT, offering robust power protection within the 10-40kVA range, specifically designed for small data centres, retail environments, regional offices, and labs. Featuring scalable runtime, dual-mains input, and high reliability, the Smart-UPS VT ensures continuous power delivery with the flexibility to adapt to growing power demands.


The APC Smart-UPS VT stands out with its centralised three-phase power protection system that integrates seamlessly into small to medium-sized business environments. This series is engineered to handle the rigorous power requirements of high-demand settings due to its double conversion technology, which guarantees clean, uninterrupted power. With dual input sources, businesses can enhance system availability by connecting the UPS to two separate power feeds, thus ensuring continuous operation even if one power source fails. Additionally, the system's automatic bypass capability allows critical loads to continue receiving power during UPS maintenance or overload conditions.

Scalability is a cornerstone of the Smart-UPS VT series. It supports a variety of runtime requirements with hot-swappable batteries that can be quickly replaced without shutting down the network. This feature, combined with optional extended run enclosures, allows the UPS to maintain power for prolonged periods, critical during extended outages. The compact design of the UPS also helps conserve valuable floor space while still providing substantial power capacity, making it an ideal choice for locations with limited room.

APC Smart-UPS VT Key Features


  • Parallel Capability: Supports up to four units for redundancy or capacity extension.
  • Input Power Factor Correction: Minimises installation costs and reduces electrical infrastructure demands.
  • Easy Maintenance: Slide-in/out power module ensures quick serviceability and minimal downtime.

Efficiency and Compatibility

  • High Efficiency Levels: Achieves up to 96% efficiency, even at low load levels.
  • Broad Voltage Tolerance: Functions effectively with low-quality power grids, enhancing compatibility.
  • Generator Friendly: Integrates smoothly with existing generators and transformers, ensuring flexible deployment.

Safety and Warranty

  • Comprehensive Warranty: Includes 1-year parts and labour coverage.
  • Robust Protection Features: Offers automatic bypass and quick-swappable batteries for enhanced safety.
  • Start-Up Commissioning Service: Ensures proper setup and optimal performance from day one.

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