Do you have a UPS Maintenance Agreement in place?

Do you have a UPS Maintenance Agreement in place?

by Isaac Prakash January 18, 2021


UPS Maintenance Agreement

Did you know... two-thirds of downtime events are preventable, with insufficient maintenance being one of the main causes!


In order to keep your UPS systems running at maximum efficiency, it is imperative that Preventive Maintenance be performed on a regular basis.

Our service policy is to prevent problems before they occur. With our team of experienced UPS Engineers we proficiently service and maintain multi-vendor UPS Systems such as APC by Schneider Electric, Eaton Powerware, Emerson Liebert, Vertiv, MGE, Silicon, GE and Thycon.

 UPS Maintenance in Progress

Our competitive maintenance contracts mean that you can reduce the total cost of ownership without sacrificing service with our core value being completely customer focused.


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Isaac Prakash
Isaac Prakash