UPS Maintenance: Expert Techniques for Longevity and Optimal Performance

UPS Maintenance: Expert Techniques for Longevity and Optimal Performance

by Isaac Prakash September 04, 2023

More and more individuals and businesses today are investing in a UPS, or uninterruptible power supply, to safeguard themselves against possible power failure. Where power can be inconsistent, a UPS promises constant and unwavering power for the amount of time you need – as long as it is properly taken care of.

Far too many people install their UPS systems and then fail to provide any, or adequate, maintenance. Read on to discover why that is a mistake, and how to properly take care of your UPS today…


Introduction to the importance of UPS maintenance

Proper UPS maintenance is essential for so many reasons, including:

  • Decreasing downtime
  • Increasing longevity of your system
  • Allowing optimal function of your UPS system
  • Identifying potential issues in time to do something about them
  • Allowing you to repair components before they have to be replaced

If you choose UPS Solutions for your maintenance needs, you can protect your initial investment, save on costly repairs and keep your system running smoothly. There is little point in having a guaranteed uninterruptible power supply if you don’t take the steps required to ensure that it actually works.

Your UPS is there to give you valuable backup time but also peace of mind. The peace of mind goes right out the window, along with the reliability of your UPS, if you don’t stick to a regular service and maintenance schedule.


Expert-recommended techniques for UPS maintenance

Not all maintenance involves costly repairs and specialist knowledge, although it does help. A large part of proper maintenance is following certain steps correctly, and then knowing what to do with what you find. Or who to call in to help with it and when. Our expert recommended techniques for UPS maintenance are as follows:

  • Always remember to put safety first
  • Properly assign tasks so you are sure they get done
  • Schedule your maintenance properly – and stick with it!
  • Keep detailed records somewhere easy to find
  • Visually inspect all equipment first – you would be amazed at how many businesses don’t take a thorough look at the whole picture. Keep your eyes open and look for warning signs, anything out of the ordinary, wear and tear, condensation and so on
  • Check your batteries regularly – they have a recommended lifespan, but you should also check for corrosion, voltage depletion and so on
  • Know who to call when something isn’t right, and what you can and can’t do yourself


How regular maintenance extends the lifespan of your UPS

One of the key reasons why regular maintenance is so important is to increase the lifespan of your UPS and save you from having to replace it too soon. The right maintenance can prolong the life of your UPS so that it lasts upwards of 10 years, while failing to take care of it can lead to issues that become irreversible.

A visual inspection, for instance, could show you that certain cables are fraying, that there is burned insulation or a build-up of dust and debris, or that a battery is corroding. Catching these problems early means you can replace a single component, alter the temperature or give your UPS a good clean. If you fail to see these issues early enough, however, it may be too late.


The impact of proper maintenance on UPS performance

Regular maintenance can improve the overall performance of your UPS, keeping it working better for longer. Certain components, for instance, may not be working at full capacity due to a build-up of dust, conditions not being optimal, or wear and tear.

A UPS is a complex device with many different parts, and each of these need to work to optimal levels for the entire UPS to perform to its highest capabilities. Regular maintenance lets you see where any problems might be early on, allowing you to make the changes you need to increase uptime, improve energy efficiency and even decrease operating costs.


How to schedule routine maintenance checks

If you contact us at UPS Solutions we can help you by creating and following a schedule for maintenance checks so you don’t have to. For those looking to create their own, here are some of our tips to help get you started:

  • Know what assets you have and prioritise their maintenance
  • Check manufacturer guidelines and recommendations about lifespan and care
  • Make a projection about what maintenance needs each asset will have
  • Create a plan for each asset and then schedule maintenance accordingly
  • Evaluate and adjust your maintenance plan where needed over time

Remember, the right maintenance schedule will have all maintenance tasks assigned to a specific person, with a due date and in a way that can be easily tracked. That way you know what has been done by whom and when, and your records will reflect that, so you will have all the information you need for future maintenance.



Ensure your UPS system's longevity and performance with regular maintenance. Explore our professional UPS services at UPS Solutions. Get in touch with our team for expert advice and support. Let's secure your power continuity together!

Isaac Prakash
Isaac Prakash


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