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Lithium Ion UPS

Advanced Power Protection with Cutting-Edge Technology

1KVA - 20KVA

  Enhanced Energy Density for Compact Efficiency

 Extended Battery Life Reduces Total Cost of Ownership

 Onsite Electrical & Installation Services 

Lithium-Ion UPS Systems are at the forefront of backup power technology, providing superior performance and reliability compared to traditional battery types. Ideal for businesses and critical applications that demand high efficiency and long-term resilience, these UPS systems leverage lithium-ion batteries' advanced chemistry to offer significant improvements in lifespan, footprint, and recharge rates. Whether you're aiming to boost the uptime of data centre's, medical facilities, or industrial operations, our Lithium-Ion UPS solutions deliver unmatched power security.

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Lithium-Ion UPS Systems

Elevating Backup Power with High-Performance Energy Storage

Embrace the future of uninterrupted power with our Lithium-Ion UPS Systems, designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern infrastructure. These systems not only provide reliable and clean energy during outages but also come with the benefits of reduced maintenance and lower energy consumption. Their compact size and longevity make them an ideal choice for space-constrained environments or any setting where power efficiency and reliability are paramount.

Find out how our state-of-the-art Lithium-Ion UPS Systems can transform your approach to power backup, offering enhanced protection for your critical operations. 

Key Features

  Superior Energy Density Maximizes Space Utilisation

 Long Operational Life Minimises Replacement Costs

 Quick Recharge Ensures Constant Readiness


 Lightweight Units Enhance Installation Flexibility

 Low Total Cost of Ownership Over Life Cycle

 Environmentally Friendly with Less Waste


Intelligent Battery Management Systems

 Scalable Configurations Adapt to Future Needs

Proactive Customer Support and Service Excellence

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