Why Regular UPS Service Is Essential: Risks, Benefits, And Maintenance Tips

Why Regular UPS Service Is Essential: Risks, Benefits, And Maintenance Tips

by Isaac Prakash August 31, 2023

A UPS, or uninterruptible power supply, is absolutely essential for most businesses in the world today. In the event of blackouts, power fluctuations and loss of power, so much more than time can be lost.

A UPS system can save your data, your devices, your time, your money and (most important of all) people’s lives – but only if it is functioning correctly when the power outage occurs.

Read on to discover why regular UPS servicing is essential, and why you should get yours checked over today…


The importance of regular UPS service

If your device suddenly has to shut down, you can lose what you were working on, cause serious damage to your device and even the system as a whole. Even with a backup generator, the delay between the loss of power and it coming back on can spell disaster for you, your electronics and your business.

And in the healthcare industry, or when life-saving equipment fails due to a faulty UPS system, the consequences can be dire.  

A UPS system only guarantees an instantaneous handover of power so that you don’t go without if you take excellent care of it. You won’t lose time or data, and you can safely shutdown if you need to. If, however, you have installed a UPS system and proceed to neglect its upkeep, you may find that in your hour of need, it will not be there for you.

Regular maintenance and servicing is essential for any system, but particularly one meant to be the last line of defence, the one that you can count on.

Here we will go into some of the issues you can have with your UPS, and why you should create a proper service schedule and stick to it today…


Risks associated with inadequate UPS maintenance

There are a great many issues associated with neglecting your UPS maintenance, including:

  • The safety of individuals who rely on systems supported by the UPS. This might include people in hospitals or other healthcare settings.
  • System failure leading to a loss of data, equipment and time (or worse)
  • Greater expense of replacing components instead of maintaining them
  • Having to replace your whole system
  • A greater chance of load loss and more

There can even be safety concerns raised if you refuse to create or stick to a proper service schedule. You can have trouble with incorrect cooling systems, degrading batteries, incorrect temperatures and more which can cause serious issues for both your UPS and those in your care.


Benefits of regular UPS servicing: Extended lifespan, cost savings, uninterrupted power supply

There are, at the same time, a great many benefits to regular UPS servicing. The first, which though obvious is also crucially important, is that you get the uninterrupted power supply that you are looking for – when you need it.

As mentioned briefly above, a UPS is an essential part of any business’s contingencies and power plans. There is, however, little point in installing a UPS and then never maintaining it, leaving the potential for issues and even a total and complete failure to perform when needed.

The next major benefit is in the extended lifespan you can give your system. Getting regular maintenance from a specialist firm like UPS Solutions means that you could be giving your UPS system years longer. Indeed, a properly serviced UPS could last upwards of a decade, while failing to do so could leave you requiring an expensive replacement much, much sooner.

The last key benefit here is in the cost savings you will make. While it may cost you to hire an outside servicing company, this still will likely save you money in the long run. Aside from having to completely replace your UPS system if you have left it to fall into a bad enough state, there are many other expenses you could save yourself along the way.

Many components of your UPS could easily and swiftly be serviced and therefore saved. Wiping down filters, keeping out dust, and other small tasks can keep these components working better for longer. You, in turn, won’t have to replace said component when a simple service would have sufficed.


Maintenance tips: scheduling, inspection pointers, cleaning, and more

Whether you choose UPS Solutions or not for your UPS maintenance and servicing, there are a number of key tips that are important to remember.  Maintenance is just as important as acquiring the right UPS and installing it correctly, so make sure that you take the time to follow these steps for your own UPS servicing and maintenance today…


Remember – safety first!

Any job or system involving electricity can be dangerous, so the first and most important tip you can get is to take your time, assess the situation and never get in over your head. If you aren’t sure what you are doing, contact UPS Solutions and allow us to use our years of experience and knowledge to help.

You should always be aware of your environment, follow any manufacturer recommendations and follow any and all safety guidelines as you go along.


Make a schedule – and stick to it!

When it comes to maintenance, a proper schedule is an absolute necessity. If you leave it for a quieter time, say that you will get around to it, or promise that you will guestimate when it is needed, you are sure to fail. Each component, each aspect of your UPS system may need to be checked, cleaned and serviced at different times, so a schedule really is the key.


Be sure to keep detailed records

You should keep detailed records, and keep them readily available, as this too can help with future maintenance. Knowing what actions you took and when can help to anticipate when you might need a replacement battery, for instance. It can also help you discover a larger issue if you have to replace it much sooner than you thought.


Use your eyes

One of the most effective maintenance techniques is to thoroughly look at every part of your UPS. Inspect the different components, the surrounding area and the environment itself. Look for visible signs of damage, wear and tear or corrosion of the battery. You should also look at the UPS panel and check for any warning signs that may be displayed.


Cleanliness is key

As well as proper maintenance, regular cleaning of the area where your UPS is located is essential in its longevity and function. Dust and other particles in the environment can build up in the cooling system, cause components to work less well or even degrade faster. Make sure that you routinely clean not just the area but also each component as needed.


Understand that components will need replacing

No amount of maintenance will allow your battery, your cooling system or indeed your UPS system as a whole to work perfectly forever. Batteries have expiry dates, components will wear and fans need to be replaced. Know this will happen and be prepared to do it when necessary, or risk the health and longevity of the whole system.


The role of professional UPS servicing

As well as all the above mentioned tips, the final one would perhaps be to know when to ask for help. Professional UPS servicing companies like UPS Solutions have the expertise and experience to fully maintain and service your system in the right way at the right time. We can come when needed, have a proper maintenance schedule and are available in emergencies day or night.



Don't compromise on power continuity. Regular service and maintenance of your UPS are just as important as the system itself. Explore our maintenance and service offerings at UPS Solutions and connect with our experts for all your UPS needs. Make the smart choice for your power supply today!

Isaac Prakash
Isaac Prakash


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