Free Monitoring Solutions For Hospitals & Healthcare

Free Monitoring Solutions For Hospitals & Healthcare

by Isaac Prakash April 08, 2020

Free Monitoring Solutions for Hospitals & Healthcare

During these unprecedented times, we truly appreciate the monumental efforts of the healthcare industry. We want to play our part by supporting all the back office staff that are chartered to keep mission critical data centres running by providing UPS Solutions PowerIQ data centre and rack power monitoring.

UPS Solutions Monitoring can help maximise up-time and availability via:

- Power monitoring to ensure power failover redundancy

- Power monitoring to ensure power load stays below circuit breaker limits

- Temperature monitoring to ensure the data centre does not overheat

If you are a Hospital or Healthcare Centre that may benefit from this offer, please contact us so we can help your data centres maximise up-time so they can continue servicing patients and remote workers.

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Isaac Prakash
Isaac Prakash


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